Thierry Decorniquet, France

Thierry Decorniquet is in the process of building a Pocher Bugatti which will set a new standard for super-detailers. Adding some major after-market components is becoming the baseline for these wonderful models, but Mr. Decorniquet has raised the bar with his meticulously researched and executed brass details. Wiring on the chassis and firewall is always a tempting subject, but few builders take such delight in adding the wiring behind the firewall which will be hidden once the body is installed. Correct down to the retaining clips, this display of detail is accompanied by a thorough use of i.d. and technical plates.
The engine-characterized by extreme simplicity of design-has always challenged the model builder looking to amaze viewers, but Decorniquet has gone for the long ball by attacking brackets and levers down to their smallest examples. The complex levers of the supercharger and carburetors are not just suggested, but correct down to the smallest bushings.
Remarkable in itself is the effort to activate the handbrake quadrant so that the locking sprag mechanism is not only represented, but by all appearances it actually functions. The miniature driver is confronted with a brake lever that can tighten the brake cables and lock them in position to maintain pressure on the brake shoes. Mere mortals may need a moment to gather their wits once they discover this tour de force of detailing.
But just as most of us are recovering our equilibrium, the cables from the handbrake lever-works of art in themselves-lead the eye to the magnificent bicycle chain/sprocket assemblies at the front brakes.

Amazing Videos

Braking system

Distributor and Spark plugs connections overview

Electrical system

Engine Linkages

Engine's bottom protective shields

Exhaust transformation

Firewall and Firewall supports

Front shock absorbers

Fuel tank

Gearbox and speedometer housing

Handbrake functional lever

Le Nivex Fuel gauge system

Overdetailed Engine




Rear shock absorbers

Spark plugs

Steering lever and steering box

Test levers on body floor


WIP Radiator's bottom decorative and protective shield