Bertrand Declaux, France

1907 Fiat

Some specifications about the construction of the 1907 Fiat Pocher from the builder:
Aftermarket :
-Seats (modified) , wheels, tyres, steering wheel (modified), rocker arms, micro nuts and bolts (every molded bolts have been replaced by metallic ones except on chassis, some added) , clamp collars (modified), spark plugs... : Model Motorcars
-Cylinder heads : Scaledetails
-Front radiator grill : Tremonia
Personal/scratch work :
-Oil and water pump
-Rods, copper pipes
-Inner part of the radiator
-Leather straps/buckles
-Hand brake and gear levers (excepted central part)
-Oil and gas tanks
-Crank with return spring
-Several modification on body and chassis (mainly rivets...)
-Leather portieres/curtains
-Parts from jewelry, like hands/pointers of the instruments
-Lateral articulations of the hood
-Trunk cover
-Chains rivets
Paintings, finishing and weathering
-primers, varnishes, paints : mainly Tamiya (including Italian red for the body), Pebeo, others...
-polish/Wax : polishing models wax and kit : Model Motorcars T 081 and T 082
-metallic effects : Lifecolor
-Miscellaneous weathering products, putties, pigments, pastels, shoe polish..