Bob Plut, USA

Amazing Rolls-Royce

This remarkable model is proof of two points: Good design is timeless, and a perfect paint job is always a pleasure to see.

The first time modelers had a chance to see this model was back in the nineties when Scale Automobile Magazine published pictures of the model, then freshly finished. This is easy to remember because the model was so inspirational to any of us who were interested in the possibilities presented by the Pocher 'torpedo'. In those days, Model Motorcars was all about distinguishing itself from stock Pocher models. If the kit came in red, we would do ours in blue; if a model was of a Maharajah's car, we did one that looked like it belonged to a banker. Nothing was sacred, nothing from Pocher was safe.
As these photographs attest, the model is meticulously finished. The flawless , glassy smooth black paint is enough to make the rest of us swoon with envy. The design--as swoopy as any Figoni et Falaschi, as elegant as any Saoutchik, and miles away from most of the English coachbuilders-is made possible by the use of the rear roof section of a Citroen Traction Avante. Herein lies a great lesson: when compound curves thwart a project, learn to look around with an open mind.
The model is in the spirit of 'styling models' done by manufacturers to study design themes. It would be entirely understandable if the panels were fixed and the chassis details omitted, but Bob Plut went the extra mile and included a handsome Rolls-Royce engine, chassis and interior.