David Cox, USA

Rolls-Royce PII 188 PY

From the earliest days of Model Motorcars, the Pocher four-door cabriolet has played for us an important role but always in modified form-sedanca fenders, ambassador fenders, rear-mounted spare-
but we never tackled the problem of the bright aluminum fenders and hoods. Ironically, when my custom-building service has virtually eliminated any need to build 'stock' Pochers,
a customer's request for an anniversary present resulted in my first crack at the 'Maharajah Rolls' or, as it has come to be known, the Star of India.
Featuring a lowered body, twenty lights, and numerous working features, my version of 188PY turned out to be one of the most cantankerous models I have ever encountered. From cracking plastic to lost parts at the chrome shop,
this model's tricks and assaults were only eclipsed by my need for a coronary by-pass right in the middle of construction. Maybe I shouldn't have put those green eyes in the elephant motifs.