Doug Clavette, Canada

The 1907 Fiat F2 Grand Prix Race Car is among the world's most famous early cars and makes for a wonderful subject for a super-detailed model, or what can be called an 'extreme model'. The incredible detail and fine finishes elevate this model above most examples and make the Edwardian mechanical details all the more impressive. Note the plating and polishing of metal components, and the wonderful exposed timing gears. The 16-liter engine of this model invites special care, and in this case has received it. It is in the various materials and textures that this model excels, and the result is as close as one can come to a Pebble Beach finish in 1:8 scale. Meticulous assembly, fabulous finishes, and a generous smattering of metal details are a recipe for success. From the plated rocker arms to the wonderfully pliant leather shield, this model is all about textures and finishes, and it is a fitting tribute to a time when the automobile was in its infancy. To get the full effect, be sure to take a look at the various u-Tube videos of these veteran cars making their smoke and thunder.