George King, USA

Our great friend George King built this magnificent PI Rolls-Royce with towncar sedanca de ville bodywork featuring cane finish to the rear as seen on Rolls-Royce chassis 76 TC. If the body opened over the rear seat it might be called a Sedanca and if it lacked rear quarter windows it might be called a Landaulette. With fixed rear roof section it is usually referred to a as a town sedan or towncar. The model replicates the fantastic interior of the prototype featuring embroidery on the seats and doors. As usual with George's models, not a lot of the Pocher torpedo is left. Special features include gold-plated wire wheels, coachlights, lots of scratch-built hardware, and rococo French-style wood trim and fittings on the doors-a fabulous job on a fantastic example of the heyday of Rolls-Royce elegance.