Igor Gianolio, Italy

Alfa Corsa

From the bug screen at the front to the safety-wires at the tail, this Alfa Corsa is a wonderful example of the virtues of careful work and consistent design. Igor Gianolio (Italy) has started with a solid base of a neatly assembled, carefully painted Pocher components to which he has added just the right aftermarket and scratch-built accessories to capture the look and feel of a Corsa fresh out of the paint shop and ready for its first race.
The choice of dark green paint invites a narrative involving British races and a British driver, and one easily can picture the car pounding around Brooklands or skimming the walls at the Isle of Man. The ubiquitous black wire wheels are just the right touch to add familiarity and realism, and the model calls out for a 1:8 scale Blower Bentley to offer proof of its compact dimensions. It is as if Gianolio knows what makes this car such an icon.
Details-the metal extension of the hood strap, the bug screen, doodads on the engine---are as subtle and effective as the real stitches on the leather seats. The reworked steering wheel and the cowl hoop supporting the dashboard are almost invisible because they look so natural. The same goes for the very impressive Brooklands windscreen and its supports.
It has to be said that the star of the show is the selection of such wonderful finishes-flawless and shiny green on the body, perfectly done black enamel on the wheels, and the finishes on the engine and under the hoods-all contribute to a formidable expression of what a Pocher Corsa can be. Perhaps there is something special in the Italian air that so effectively transfers the spirit of Alfa Romeo. All in all, seeing this model is a charming holiday gift for all of us.