Joaquin Ruiz, Chile

Alfa 8c2300 Spider

Any time that a Pocher 8c2300 Alfa Romeo gets completed there should be universal celebration. We ought to have fireworks and strong drink and something special to eat. Most of all, the builder should be congratulated and slapped heartily on the back. Hugs may be optional within the bounds of traditional cultural standards, but hugs can in no way be seen as unwarranted when it comes to celebrating the completion of a Pocher Alfa. The standard for such models should be that if all the components of the kit are hanging together and supported by wheels, then celebration is warranted. Even hugs.

Joaquin Ruiz of Chile is one of those builders that has met our standard for celebration and who has gone on to exceed our standard. From reworked wire wheels to pedal-activated brake lights, his model is a testament to his determination and resourcefulness. His scratch-built pedals are a testament to his artistry. His scratch-built copper hood panels are a testament to his stamina. His glass-smooth paint job is an inspiration to us all.

One can only try to imagine the comments Sr. Ruiz must have made as he wrestled with mal-formed plastic components and whimsical engineering. Surely a builder who includes a video demonstrating the operation of his model is a builder who notices the short-comings of the Pocher Alfa, but his accomplishment is in ignoring where the kit falters and in pressing on to create a beautiful homage to one of history's great automobiles. For this we celebrate Sr. Ruiz; we celebrate him for proving once again that it is not what we start with that matters, it is what we end up with at the end.