Roger Zimmermann, Switzerland

Continental Mark II scale model

In just over one hundred photographs, Roger Zimmerman has demonstrated the transformation of a plastic 1:25 kit into a brass work of art. Like so many of his Swiss countrymen, Mr. Zimmerman has exercised a propensity for machine work and metal craft which can serve as an inspiration to us all. From forming compound curves to fabricating sheet metal structures, his model of a Continental Mark II is stunning. This remarkable collection of skills is supplemented with his machine work in creating the tools for casting tires and stamping wheel covers. Only the paintwork, which is excellent in itself, can be considered to be part of the usual skill set required of a plastic model. The individual suspension components and the fabricated egg-crate radiator grill elevate the entire project into a masterwork of the first order. Mr. Zimmerman’s Continental is wonderful to see and delightful in its execution, and can serve as an inspiration to us all. Rarer still, his photographic record can serve as instruction to those among us looking for guidance and a challenge.