New Parts & Tools

A Storage Box

Perfect for storing those small parts from the Pocher Kit and small Hardware!
Made of commercial, crystal clear polystyrene for the ultimate in visible storage and durability. The compartment dividers extend to the top of the box to keep each cell's contents in place. 8-1/4" x 4-1/2" x 1-3/8" h

Part No.Z083 $12.00 each

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The Must-Have 1:8 Scale Hardware Kit

These are the most common Nuts and Bolts used to enhance your Pocher Kit. There are 20 pieces of each type. If bought separately, the total would be $250.00…Our new Hardware Kit is only $184.00 (including the very nice reusable box!)

Part No. Z084

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The perfect compliment to our new Door Handles. The Running Lights

Cast in bronze and chrome plated, comes with 00.90 nuts. Per pair.
Part No.R041 $35.00 per pair

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Sanding Sticks for Tight Spaces and Tiny Corners

We’ve all experienced that situation when we’re at our bench and are working on a tiny part or need to get into a small corner to sand it smooth and just don’t have the metal or flexible file that’s right for the job. Model Motorcars has the solution to that problem with our new Sanding Sticks and Sanding Twigs.

Our extra-large stick sets come in 120, 180 and 220 grits and are perfect for getting a perfectly smooth finish across broad contours and tight corners alike. And for those really tight spaces you can use our sanding twigs to get a smooth finish on even the smallest parts and areas.

Our Sanding Twigs come in packs of 20. Each package includes fine, medium and coarse grits and each stick measures approximative one-eights inch square and about 6 inches long.

These are perfect for when you need to get a smooth finish on the impossible-to-reach surface.

The Model Motorcars Sanding Twigs are abrasive along two of the long edges so you can sand in small spaces without damaging nearby areas.

Package of 20 - Part No. T088
$5.25 per pack

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The Replacement Tires for the Ferrari F-40

We are happy to announce The Replacement Tires for the Ferrari F-40. They are made exactly like our other Tires…flexible and have the right feel and color. Also, unlike some others, they have the markings on the side walls!

As you can see in the photo on the right…we inserted a rib to hold the Tire from deflating too much.

Set of four (2 Front and 2 Rear) Part No.F40

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Another part from our build…below is a photo of them in use to hold down the beautiful Tire Mirror (which itself will be offered soon!).

These are cast in bronze and can be used for luggage straps, fuel tank tie-downs, bonnet belts, interior door and seat-back pocket latches, spare tire restraints and a host of other uses on any of the Pocher classic marques.

And for those of you building the Pocher Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini, these buckles are perfect for seat belts and racing-style driver harnesses.

Part No. Z083
$6.00 per pair.

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Announcing our Replacement Tires for the Lamborghini Aventador

As we have built new Replacement Tires for all the Pocher marquees: it was only natural we would build them for the new Pocher Lamborghini Kit.

They are flexible (no need to heat! See instruction photo from the Kit manual below), the right feel, color and…as the photo above shows they deflate. The secret was in the rib we built into the Tire. We were concerned the weight would squish the Tire, but, the rib holds them perfectly.

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The ribs are clearly visible in the photo

Part No. L003
$140.00 per set of four (2 Front and 2 Rear)

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Announcing Model Motorcars e-Journals

Written and Produced by David Cox

Jorge and I are happy to announce thatafter an eight year absence, the prodigal Northern Elf, a.k.a. David Cox, has returned to our World Headquarters with an armful of Pocher construction journals and bushels of color photos. Although it took us a while to remember who he was, we are describing him as ‘one of the early founders of Model Motorcars’ and leaving it at that. (It is possible that some of our customers may remember Mr. Cox, but as any businessman knows, there are risks in any venture which must be borne.)

We are delighted to have his journals and bushels of photographs available to us, and we decided, after a very careful and thorough examination of the contents, that these journals, as disturbing as they may be, can offer valuable insights into what can happen to the unwary Pocher builder. The ‘Northern Elf’* has asked that we mention the appearance of his models at various venues such as Amelia Island, Meadow Brook Hall, and the odd museum here and there, but that seems beside the point.

More importantly, Jorge and I are delighted to announce that we will now have a completely new line of Model Motorcar e-Journals which will be electronically transferred upon receipt of payment. Model Motorcar e-Journals are a perfect complement to our how-to books and prototype photograph CD’s. Never before has so much information been available to the Pocher enthusiast, and we are proud that Model Motorcars is once again an industry leader.

*The fact that Mr. Cox calls himself the ‘Northern Elf’ in no way implies that anyone at Model Motorcars, Ltd World Headquarters is a ‘southern elf’. There are no ‘elves’ here. Period.

Model Motorcars e-Journals Written & Produced by David Cox

Please click on any image to purchase.

Alfa Romeo Corsa This is the story of how Detailed Model Cars started with a Pocher "Muletto" and ended up with a tribute to the little known successes of Portugal's Vasco Sameiro.

Publication #E001 $20.00 each

Alfa Romeo Coupe It takes a true cognoscenti to know that amoung the 8C offerings there was full range of touring cars. In this e-Journal, Detailed Model Cars builds the magnificent Pocher Dinner Jacket.

Publication #E002 $20.00 each

Bugatti Sedanca The Bugatti Sedanca wraps an unaltered Bugatti Type 50 chassis, womplete with working differential gears and cable-actuated brakes, in the elegatnt Sedanca Coupe bodywork often associated with the stately Rolls-Royce. What fun!

Publication #E003 $20.00 each

Bugatti Type 50 The Pocher Bugatti T50 is arguably the finest kit ever produced in any scale. No small feat to build, the result is a wonderful work of art that will delight the onwer for years to come. This is the story of how one of these kits made it from box to display shelf.

Publication #E004 $20.00 each

Mercedes-Benz Spezial Roadster Based on the Pocher M-B Rumble Seat Roadster, the Detailed Model Cars Spezial Roadster is an attempt to more accurately capture the distincitve profile of one of the most valuable and beautiful cars from the classic era.

Publication #E005 $20.00 each

Race Car Number 60 When construction of "Black Bart" began, it was the sixtieth Pother Project to grace the bench of the Northern Elf. Today it has become an Alfa chassis carrying a Rolls-Royce engine. This journal details the construction of this one-of-a-kind work of art.

Publication #E006 $20.00 each

Rolls-Royce Continental Express In this e-Journal, David captures the look and feel of the great 'thrum) and Maberley coachwork while offering the reader an up-close look at the 1934 R-R Phantom II Cabriolet known to Pocher builders far and wide as "The Continental Express".

Publication #E007 $20.00 each

Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe This is the story of how Detailed Model Cars converted a Pocher "Ambassador" into an accurate and beautiful Rolls -Royce Continental Drophead Coupe.

Publication #E008 $20.00 each

The S-12 This model represents the last monster build during the "Model Motorcar years" and serves as my tribute to a wonderful experience and great partnership.

Publication #E009 $20.00 each

Announcing the Rolls-Royce Wheel Kit

With the success of our Alfa Wheel Kit…it wouldn’t be long before we produced a Wheel Kit for the Rolls-Royce. Same assembly and same results! A much improved assembly system. The response from builders who have constructed their Alfa Wheels is very positive!

Click here for Instructions.

The Wheels are cast in white resin. The builders can paint them the color they choose.

Complete Rolls-Royce Wheel Kit
(for one wheel, does not include the spokes, nipples or center hub)

Part No. R036

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We did it! We have revolutionized the assembly of Pocher wheels…

This photo shows the finished Alfa Wheel using our new system. Notice the missing plastic rings. Our new Wheel is cast in resin in one piece so no more stacking plastic layers between metal rings as you spoke the wheel. Rather than pushing the nipples with a screwdriver into the slots in the rings (problematic, at best!), you can drill the holes with the drill bits and neat resin thumb handles that come in your kit.

The wheel rims have been cast with a dimple for each of the holes – including one for the valve stem – so drilling the holes for the spokes is easy.

We use the Pocher spokes and nipples and either the Pocher tires or our replacement tires will fit. Complete instructions come with the kit and include 24 photos and lots of explanatory text. Our thanks to Dave DeBack for his ideas!

The Wheels are cast in white so you can paint them the perfect color for your Alfa build.

Complete Alfa Wheel Kit
(for one wheel, does not include the spokes, nipples or center hub)

Part N0. A030

The Bugatti Tire and Wheel

After many months of effort, the Bugatti Tire and Wheel will be ready to ship in a few weeks. We’ve asked Paul Koo to make one of his famous Instructions to assist in making the minor modifications necessary for the fit of our new slimmer Wheel.

The Tire is similar to the other marquees…that is; they are soft and flexible, matte finished and (most importantly) they are prototypically thinner. See contemporary prototype photo below.

The Wheel had to be thinned to accommodate the new Tire. At first, we tried to use the Pocher parts by thinning them…but, the results didn’t satisfy us! So, we had them designed on a CAD system and then “printed” using rapid prototype printing (3D). In the process, we had the air fins properly shaped with a correct sharper edge. The Wheel is now cast in colored resin in one piece…no assembling.

Because the Wheel is thinner, it will be necessary to modify the spindles and hubs. Not difficult…the parts are brass and easily filed. One should also thin the brake shoes. And, yes, the Wheels have the correct air fin direction. Just specify, if you only want one set.

Part No. B022 $80.00 per set
(one tire and one wheel)

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Part No. B022t (single Tire) $30.00 each

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Rolls-Royce Replacement Tires in blackwall or whitewall

When we designed our replacement tires for the Pocher Rolls-Royce, we were determined to create a tire with four key improvements over the Pocher-supplied tires; flexibility for ease of installation, a “real-rubber” matte finish, removal of the unsightly bulge in the sidewall and – most importantly – a perfect fit on the Pocher metal rims.

We are thrilled that our new Rolls-Royce tires feature all of the above. No more scratching or damaging your painted rims while installing the tire. No more heating to soften them. No more tires that are shinier than the paint job on the car. No more painting the sidewalls with white paint that cracks and chips. Our new tires are a great upgrade for any Pocher Rolls-Royce enthusiast.

Black sidewall Tire – Part No.R035
$30.00 each

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Whitewall Tire – Part No. R035w
$40.00 each

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Replacement Tires – Black sidewall or Whitewall

Anyone who has built or is building the Pocher Mercedes-Benz knows the tires provided are too hard, too wide and always misshapen on one side! We have corrected all these problems with our new replacement Tires for the Pocher Mercedes.

Our Tires are made from the same material that was used in our very successful Alfa and Fiat Tires and the whitewalls are an integral part of the Tire… no more painting! Best of all, we were able to reduce the width of the Tires by almost 1/8th of an inch (3.0 mm) to make them much more like the prototype. Easy to install or remove…no need for heating or boiling!

Black Sidewall Tire – Part N0. M030
$25.00 Each

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Whitewall Tire – Part No. M030w
$35.00 Each

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Alfa Replacement Tires

Our new replacement Tires solve several Pocher problems. First, as the photo below shows…they are flexible…now no more heartbreak putting on the impossibly hard Pocher tires! Secondly, they are matte finish and soft, they deflect…just like the prototypes. They really look real!

Tip: We have been asked how to remove the old Pocher tires. Since these are replacement tires…just cut the old ones off the wheel. We found using our razor saw works nicely.

Part No. A011
$25.00 each

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We are pleased to announce our Wooden Steering Wheels

Our Steering Wheels were unavailable for years but now, thanks to the latest technologies, we are proud to be able to once again offer our famous Steering Wheels in Maple, Walnut and Mahogany.

The spokes are machined from .40 stainless steel using a pantograph and hand assembled with aluminum pins. Then finished with three coats of polyurethane.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Part No. S001
$125.00 Walnut

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Part No. S002
$125.00 Mahogany

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Part No. S003
$125.00 Maple

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White Tires for the Fiat

When cars started rolling on air-filled pneumatic tires at the turn of the century, those tires were white because nobody had yet realized that injecting the molten rubber with petroleum-based black carbon resulted in a tire that had far less heat build up and much stronger sidewalls. The fact that the carbon turned the tire rubber black was discovered by accident but went a long way towards making it easier to keep the rolling stock clean.

Our Fiat replacement tires are made from a highly flexible polyurethane based silicon resulting in a tire that looks and feels like rubber and is soft enough that it can be mounted on the wheel rims without having to be heated.

Pocher made a variety of Fiat F2 Grand Prix kits with some providing four driving tires while others included two extra spares and the support racks for them.

Because the K-77 and K-70 Kits didn’t include spare tires and the support racks, Model Motorcars is very excited to announce our new and highly accurate Fiat Spare Tire Support Racks (25% thicker, machined from .040 brass). These Supports combined with one of our Tire options below makes it easy to add a whole new level of detail to your 1:8 scale Fiat Grand Prix Racer.

To find out which Model Motorcars Fiat Tires are right for you, simply refer to the table below.

If you have Pocher Fiat Kit: And you want: Then you should order: View Details:
K-88 with our Wooden Wheels Kit A set of six White Tires
(3 Front and 3 Rear)
Part No. F003 - $200.00

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K-88 with the Pocher Wheels A set of six White Tires (6 Rear)
to replace the black tires in your kit
Part No. F004 - $200.00

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K-77 or K-70 with or without
our Wooden Wheels Kit
A set of six White Tires
(3 Front and 3 Rear) and a set of our new Spare Tire Support Racks
Part No. F005 - $225.00

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K-77 or K-70 Two Black Spare Tires (Rear and Front) and a set of our new Spare Tire
Support Racks
Part No. F006 - $100.00

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All Kits Single White Tire - Rear Part No. F008 - $40.00

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All Kits Single White Tire - Front Part No. F009 - $40.00

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All Kits Single Black Tire - Rear Part No. F010 - $40.00

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All Kits Single Black Tire - Front Part No. F011 - $40.00

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The Fiat Leaf Springs Kit

Just like our Alfa and Rolls Leaf Springs, the Fiat Springs are made from stainless steel which has been blackened to match the Pocher top spring. These pieces replace the plastic molded “stack” that comes with the Pocher Fiat kit. We provide 50′ of cord to wrap them as was common practice at that time. Our Kit also includes a 2.0 mm Tap to thread the existing hole in the plastic axle that came with your Pocher kit. The Fiat Leaf Springs Kit includes all the necessary 2.0 mm hex head bolts you will need to finish your Fiat suspension off in style.

Click here for Instructions.

Part No. F002
$75.00 Complete Kit

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The Fiat Wheels Kit

With the start of the commission to build a 1907 Fiat F2 Gran Prix Racer, Model Motorcars is proud to announce the development of an entire suite of upgrade and replacement products for the unique Pocher Fiat scale replica.

The first listing in our Fiat parts inventory is the Fiat Wheels Kit. Consisting of 353 wooden (Oak) and bronze pieces, this kit contains the wooden spokes, cast bronze rims and hubs and assembly hardware necessary to build a complete set of four wheels. From the delicate spokes on the front to the “knuckles” on the back that serve as mounts for the drive gears, these wheels are accurate down to the smallest detail, including a set of Valve Stems.

Taking advantage of the most advanced casting and CNC 3D routing technology available these wheels are a huge upgrade over the plastic pieces that come in the kit. This exciting Kit is the first of many Pocher Fiat upgrades…so stay tuned.

The Fiat Wheels Kit includes all the 00.90 bolts, nuts, washers and Valve Stems needed to assemble 4 wheels. Each Kit also includes an Assembly Instruction CD (by Paul Koo), our 00-90 Nut Driver and a #55 Drill.

Part No. F001 – Complete Kit for 4 Wheels

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The original “The Final Detail” Model Wax
by the treatment

Comes in economical 5 ounce jars. If you’ve used this wax you know there’s nothing like it. This is the original Model Wax, deepens color on all painted or unpainted plastic. Removes fine scratches & helps eliminate imperfections. The secret of professional model builders for years. Can be used to buff out clear plastic or unpainted plastic surfaces, and prevents clear styrene from glue fogging. Contains pure carnauba wax.

Part No. T082
$10.00 each

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New and Improved Coffee Can Starter Coil

We have improved the ceramic insulator by casting it in bronze.

An exact scale replica of the Magneti Marelli large diameter ingnition coil seen on Alfa 8c 2300 and Scuderia Ferrari 8C 2600 engines of Thirties.

Same original price!

Part No.A020
$18.00 each

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Polishing Kit

Each kit includes 6 sheets of cushioned abrasive cloths in 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, and 8000 grits, a soft foam sanding block, a bottle of liquid polish and a soft flannel polishing cloth. Use this polishing kit to smooth the “orange peel” surface of a rough paint job, or put a mirror finish on good paint. Works on all painted surfaces, varnished wood, and bare plastics. It is also invaluable for creating varied finishes on raw metal parts, ranging anywhere from a dull sheen to a chrome like shine.

Part No. T081
$28.00 per kit

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The Complete Rolls-Royce Headlight Set

We have been working for over two years to develop the metal Reflectors and glass Lenses. They both used advanced technologies. The master for the Reflector utilized “rapid prototyping” and the pattern on the Lenses is printed by a process know as “tampography”.

To create the Reflector, a 3D CAD design was drawn by Brian Yingling (thanks again, Brian!). Then, it was sent to a company to “print” in 3D (rapid prototyping)…the result is the acrylic master shown below. The master is then sent to the caster where a mold is made. After casting in bronze, it is then highly polished ready for chrome plating. Of course, it took several castings to achieve the perfect fit!

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

The Complete Rolls-Royce Headlight Set (pattern lenses) – Part No. R004a
$125.00 per set

Lenses – Part No. R004l
$30.00 per pair

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New Improved Rolls-Royce Resin Carburetor

Our famous Resin Carburetor now comes in 6 parts…more fun for the modeler! Assembles in minutes with a little Bondini (super glue).

By separating the elements, a better casting was achieved. Same original price.

Part No. R006r
$35.00 for 6 piece kit

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The Alfa Knock-Off Hubs

After many months of trial and error – and error and error and error – the Alfa Knock-Off Hubs are finished. And because we know you will be putting them on and taking them off many times, we had them cast with the stainless steel threaded bolt as part of the mold. (We didn’t even know that could be done but our good friend, Bob Breslauer, came up with the solution.) Bob also engraved the beautiful raised Alfa script right into the hub in order to perfectly capture the look of the prototype.

We have often been asked what which Alfa hub we used for the prototype in designing our scale replica. And while we had a number of options we ended up choosing the wing design for it’s elegance and to differentiate it from the Pocher part it replaces so beautifully.

Our Alfa Romeo Knock-Off hubs are nickel plated and the results speak for themselves!

This is the easiest retrofitting part we have ever produced and one of the best improvements over the original Pocher part they are designed to replace. A must for the Pocher Alfa model builder.

Part No. A041
$120.00 set of four.

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The Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly

We are proud to offer the Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly kit which includes the chassis supports, end plates, adjuster, spacers, threaded rods and end mounts. We once again thank our friend “Wally” Van Orden for allowing us to cast his masters and Paul Koo who came up with a great solution to the spacers – 1/16″ and 3/32″ collars – that are now included in the kit.

The End Mounts require modifications to the Pocher shock. Also, we include the extra shock arm required for the front shocks. We provide instructions by Paul Koo with 41 photos.

Click here for Instructions

The Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly

Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly
Spider, Coupe – 1 set of rear shocks
Part No. A042 $130.00 complete set

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Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly
Monza – two sets of rear shocks
Part No. A043 $190.00 complete set

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The Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly

Under development for almost a year, the Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly is clearly one of our most ambitious projects ever undertaken. Each part in this Assembly started as a hand built prototype created on our workbenches. They are cast in bronze and then undergo a final preparation which includes drilling and tapping. The Steering Arms are a direct replacement for the Pocher stamped metal pieces and attach using the Pocher bolts.

The Brake Arm is tapped and attaches with the 2 mm threaded rods. And, the Brake Levers utilize the tapped 0-80 hole in the MML Axle. The 1/16″ brass rod (provided in the Kit) fits snuggly in the end of our Clevises (a dab of our Bondini glue is recommended).

The Kit includes the Steering Arms, Brake Arms, Brake Levers, Clevises, 00-90, 0-80, 2 mm Bolts and brass rod.

The Front Brake Kit does require using the MML Axle (Part No.A002) and the spindles need to be shortened by about 1/16″ of an inch from the top and bottom; this is very easily done with a file. Finally, the tie rod provided by Pocher also needs to be fitted. We will fit both at no charge if they are sent to us.

Click here for Instructions

Part No. A037
$110.00 for the Kit

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Part No.A037a
$150.00 for the Kit
(Includes the axle sized to fit)

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Model Motorcars Alfa Leaf Springs

In our continuing quest to improve the quality of Pochers, Model Motorcars has developed a functional set of Alfa Leaf Springs! Direct replacement for the Pocher springs; requires no modifications. Photo-etched from stainless steel, with the ends preformed with loops (no soldering required), the clamp tubes precut, and all the 0-80, 00-90, 1.0 mm nuts and bolts, and 2.0 mm washers to complete the set. Plus, we include a 1.0 mm wrench! Those 1.0 mm nuts are almost impossible to use without one…

Click here for Instructions

Part No. A010
$135.00 for the complete kit

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The Rolls-Royce Leaf Springs

A combination of stainless steel leaf springs and cast bronze clamps…that actually work! After the gratifying success of our Alfa Leaf Springs, it was obvious to make them for the Rolls. And, for those who have built a Rolls, you know how awful the Pocher ones are! We have even used compression springs in the rear of our models to hold them up. Well, no more!

Once again, our thanks to Brian Yingling for his drawings that make the photo-etching possible. And, to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club for providing copies of the original factory plans.

The Kit comes with the main leafs preformed at the ends and 00-90 nuts for the clamps. For those determined to achieve prototypical accuracy…we include shrink tubing which we discovered works wonderfully to replicate the gaiters.

Click here for Instructions.

Part No. R001
$240.00 per kit

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