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Announcing Model Motorcars e-Journals

Jorge and I are happy to announce thatafter an eight year absence, the prodigal Northern Elf, a.k.a. David Cox, has returned to our World Headquarters with an armful of Pocher construction journals and bushels of color photos. Although it took us a while to remember who he was, we are describing him as ‘one of the early founders of Model Motorcars’ and leaving it at that. (It is possible that some of our customers may remember Mr. Cox, but as any businessman knows, there are risks in any venture which must be borne.)

We are delighted to have his journals and bushels of photographs available to us, and we decided, after a very careful and thorough examination of the contents, that these journals, as disturbing as they may be, can offer valuable insights into what can happen to the unwary Pocher builder. The ‘Northern Elf’* has asked that we mention the appearance of his models at various venues such as Amelia Island, Meadow Brook Hall, and the odd museum here and there, but that seems beside the point.

More importantly, Jorge and I are delighted to announce that we will now have a completely new line of Model Motorcar e-Journals which will be electronically transferred upon receipt of payment. Model Motorcar e-Journals are a perfect complement to our how-to books and prototype photograph CD’s. Never before has so much information been available to the Pocher enthusiast, and we are proud that Model Motorcars is once again an industry leader.

Alfa Romeo Corsa – This is the story of how Detailed Model Cars started with a Pocher “Muletto” and ended up with a tribute to the little known successes of Portugal’s Vaso Sameiro.

Alfa Romeo Coupe – It takes a true cognoscenti to know that among the 8C offerings there was a full range of touring cars. In this e-Journal, Detailed Model Cars builds the magnificent Pocher Dinner Jacket.

Bugatti Type 50 – The Pocher Bugatti Type 50 is arguably the finest kit ever produced in any scale. No small feat to build, the result is a wonderful work of art that will delight the owner for years to come. This is the story of how one of these kits made it from box to display shelf.

Mercedes-Benz Spezial Roadster – Based on the Pocher M-B Rumble Seat Roadster, the Detailed Model Cars Spezial Roadster is an attempt to more accurately capture the distinctive profile of one of the most valuable and beautiful cars from the classic era.

Rolls-Royce Continental Express – In this e-Journal, David captures the look and feel of the great Thrupp and Maberley coachwork while offering the reader an up-close look at the 1934 R-R Phantom II Cabriolet known to Pocher builders far and wide as “The Continental Express”.

Building The Pochers

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Building the Pocher Mercedes (4th S.)94 construction photos, 8 pages of prototype photos and a plumbing diagram.

Publication #K001 $12.00 each

Building the Pocher Alfas. 100 construction photos and 50 prototype photos includes tips on tools, methods and materials for enhancing the Pocher Alfa Romeo Monza, Coupe and Gran Sport. in addition to hundreds of construction tips, there are specific suggestions for easy improvements of the basic kit as well as acvanced upgrades for the more advanced builder.

Publication #K002 $15.95 each

Building the Pocher Rolls-Royce. 130 construction photos of theTorpedo and the Sedanca, and over thirty photos of Phantom II prototypes. From chassis and engine to leather and fabric, this book gives practical tips on construction, modifications, techniques. and tools.

Publication #K003 $22.00 each

Building the Pocher Mercedes - Advanced Techniques. Includes topics such as scratch-building hoods, shortening doors and replacing all stamped-metal pieces. 206 construction photos. Includes a special CD containing the color construction photos and model photos. Perfect companion to our earlier book, "Building the Pocher Mercedes".

Publication #K004 528.00 each

All four Building The Pochers books listed above.

Publication #K005 $75.00 per set

Pocher Reference Photo CD Collections

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Alfa Romeo. 514 color photographs; complete coverage of the 8C2300 Monza, Spider, and Coupe; This CD includes body, cockpit, engine and dashboard reference photos.

Publication #CD001 $25.00 each

Bugatti. 296 color photographs; complete coverage of the Type 50 Profile with additional photos of the LeMans Type 50 and a Type 50 Roadster. This CD includes rare photos of the prototype supercharger installed on the Type 50.

Publication #CD002 $25 .00 each

Mercedes-Benz. 378 color photos; complete coverage of both the 500K and 540K Special Roadsters. Over fifty photos of the 1:8 scale replica including the MML cut-down roadsters, cabriolets, rumbleseat roadster and K-91. CD includes reference photos of the interior upholstery and dash board.

Publication #CD003 $25.00 each

Rolls-Royce. 731 color photos; detailed coverage of chassis, interiors, door panels and engines. Over fifty photos of MML scale replicas. CD includes hundreds of detail shots including close-ups of the engine bay along with brake and exhaust system reference photos.

Publication #CD004 $25.00 each

Model Motorcar Gallery. 294 color photos of Pocher scale replicas built by Model Motorcars.

Publication #CD005 $25.00 each

Super-detailing the Rolls-Royce Phantom II. by john Iladdock. 51 pages with hundreds of color photos of both the Pocher scale replica under construction and the 1:1 prototype

Publication #CD006 Free Electronic Download

All 5 Marque CD's. A complete set of reference photo CD's detailing the Alfa Romeo 802300, Bugatti Type-50, Mercedes 500K & 540K and Rolls-Royce Phantom II.

Publication #CD007 $120.00 per set

Pocher Build Journals

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Building the Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet. Hundreds of photos detailing assembly and construction of the wheels, body, drive train, suspension and interior. Features high-resolution, detailed pictures of the dash, undercarriage, suspension and interior along with numerous engine enhancements.
Publication #D005 $20.00 each

Building the Pocher Sedanca. Over 200 full-color, high resolution construction photos with captions featuring the scratch-built interior and lowered body. Also includes engine details a section on body modifications, even a step-by-step guide to prepping the body for paint. Tips on wiring, window frames, upholstery, headliners, and body modifications.
Publication #D006 $20.00 each

Modifying the Alfa-Romeo Spyder. Ilundreds of photos detailing assembly and construction of the body, drive train, suspension and interior. Includes pictures of dozens of improvements to the Pocher engine and firewall.
Publication #D007 520.00 each

Building the Alfa Coupe. 140 high-resolution, color photos. Includes sections on modifying the Pocher Alfa Spider, painting your Pocher, wiring the front and rear lights and scratch-building a wide assortment of details.
Publication #D008 520.00 each