Hand Held and Machine Tools

A large part of the fun of building models is the opportunity to use a variety of tools . We have been collecting specialized tools for several decades and in that time we have offered hard-to-find tools which were, in our opinion, indispensable for building models.

We are proud to announce that Model Motorcars has become an authorized dealer for EUROTOOL, a recognized leader in imported tools. And in keeping with our usual high standards, we will continue to offer only the highest quality available include pieces from Sherline, Wiha, Grobet, Facom to name but a few. We have come to see the collecting and using of tools to be a vital part of our enjoyment of this hobby and we hope these tools will open new doors of pleasure and accomplishment for you too.

Sanding Sticks for Tight Spaces and Tiny Corners

We’ve all experienced that situation when we’re at our bench and are working on a tiny part or need to get into a small corner to sand it smooth and just don’t have the metal or flexible file that’s right for the job. Model Motorcars has the solution to that problem with our new Sanding Sticks and Sanding Twigs.

Our extra-large stick sets com in 120, 180 and 220 grits and are perfect for getting a perfectly smooth finish across broad contours and tight corners alike. And for those really tight spaces you can use our sanding twigs to get a smooth finish on even the smallest parts and areas.

Our Sanding Twigs come in packs of 20. Each package includes fine, medium and coarse grits and each stick measures approximative one-eights inch square and about 6 inches long.

These are perfect for when you need to get a smooth finish on the impossible-to-reach surface.

The Model Motorcars Sanding Twigs are abrasive along two of the long edges so you can sand in small spaces without damaging nearby areas.

Package of 20 - Part No. T088
$5.25 per pack

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Magnetized Phillips Head Screwdriver

These two Tools are essential to building the new Lamborghini Kits. The screws provided are Phillips head and the magnetizing helps hold them! Tap is necessary because many of the holes are not deep enough and some are filled with paint.

Magnetized Philips Head Screwdriver
Part No. T085
$10.00 each

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2.6 mm Tap
Part No. T035
$9.00 each

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Splash Guard for Benchtop Polisher

Keep your work area clean and free of flying debris with our new Splash Guard for Benchtop Polisher. Features: Adjustable clear plastic visor. Rubber feet on bottom to prevent slipping.

Small footprint allows room to work without taking excess space on your workbench. Dimensions: 14.25 x 5.75 x 7.5 inches. Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Part No.T108
$39.95 each

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The Versa-Light

The Versa-Light is a super bright LED light with three settings: high Beam, low Beam and flash. This highly versatile light can be used for anything from jewelry repair to automotive work. The sturdy clip holds the light while the 8-1/2″ inch flexible arm allows for easy adjustment. The strong magnetic base stays secure on metal surfaces for hands free work and makes the light easily portable. Use the light zoom function to pinpoint light onto small areas or zoom out for a wider view. Includes 3 AAA batteries.

Part No. T084

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Our newest discovery, from Euro Tool…The Bench Polisher

Smaller than a mouse pad… that’s the best way to describe this great new polisher from EURO TOOL! This Bench Polisher has pre-lubricated ball bearings and a dust-proof motor housing that makes it virtually maintenance free! The user will not sacrifice quality or speed with this well balanced precision polisher, works with standard wheels and buffs up to 4″.

  • Includes 2 tapered spindles
  • 2 medium abrasive wheels
  • 2 replacement motor brushes

and features

  • 110 volt, 1/6 HP motor
  • Variable speed up to 10,000 RPM
  • One year warranty

Part No. T100

And to go with your new Bench Polisher… 3M Radial Bristle Discs

3M Radial Bristle Discs are embedded with a long-lasting abrasive material which eliminates the need for messy compounds. Flexible and cool-running bristles are great for hard-to-reach areas or flat surfaces. Clean and remove dirt, rust and oxidation without damaging the underlying surface. These 3″ discs have 3/8″ arbor hole and are available in six different grits. Sold in packs of 5.


Part No.T101 $15.95 80 grit

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Part No.T102 $15.95 120 grit

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Part No.T103 $15.95 220 grit

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Part No.T104 $15.95 400 grit

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Part No.T105 $15.95 6 micron

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Part No.T106 $15.95 1 micron
(light green)

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3M RADIAL DISC HUB – Package of 2


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A better Illuminated Pocket Magnifier

Has a 4X Lens with 8X Bifocal Insert. Batteries included and made in the USA

Distortion Free Optical Quality Lenses
Hi-intensity Lamp for bright viewing
Great all-purpose magnifying glass

Part No. T040

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Auto Center Punch

Put your hammers away because this 5 inch spring-loaded punch automatically strikes a sharp blow when pressed down firmly. Hardened and ground alloy steel center point is well-tempered for long life.

Part No.
T083 $7.95

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The original “The Final Detail” Model Wax
by the treatment

Comes in economical 5 ounce jars. If you’ve used this wax you know there’s nothing like it. This is the original Model Wax, deepens color on all painted or unpainted plastic. Removes fine scratches & helps eliminate imperfections. The secret of professional model builders for years. Can be used to buff out clear plastic or unpainted plastic surfaces, and prevents clear styrene from glue fogging. Contains pure carnauba wax.

Part No. T082
$10.00 each

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Polishing Kit

Each kit includes 6 sheets of cushioned abrasive cloths in 2400, 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, and 8000 grits, a soft foam sanding block, a bottle of liquid polish and a soft flannel polishing cloth. Use this polishing kit to smooth the “orange peel” surface of a rough paint job, or put a mirror finish on good paint. Works on all painted surfaces, varnished wood, and bare plastics. It is also invaluable for creating varied finishes on raw metal parts, ranging anywhere from a dull sheen to a chrome like shine.

Part No. T081
$25.00 per kit

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Stubby Screwdriver

We have been using this type of Stubby Screwdriver for years to assemble the Pocher wire wheels. The advantage of this shaped screwdriver is it allows the maximum leverage and control to push in the nipples. No more pushing through the plastic rings! The round wooden handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Part No.T047
$10.00 each

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Stainless Steel Anti-Magnetic Tweezers

These are the tweezers we use to hold the nipples for the spokes in assembling the Pocher wire wheels. Together with the Screwdriver below…the job is made much easier!

Swiss made, length: 4 1/2″ (115 mm)

Part No. T046
$20.80 each

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Carbide Jaw Wire Cutters

We have all ruined a good pair of side cutters cutting music wire or something too hard. Well, no more! These carbide cutters are made particularly for hard wire and feature carbide jaw inserts for maximum hardness. Made in the same method as cutters used by orthodontists for hard wire, handle is PVC cushion grip.

You will get years of service from this tool, which is almost indestructible when used properly.

Handle Length: 4 1/2″ (140 mm)

Part No. T043
$26.95 each

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Miniature Digital Caliper

Our stainless steel miniature digital gauge is state-of-the-art. Beautifully finished, it is practical and compact. It measures in millimeters and inches (maximum 100mm, 4 inches). Accuracy is assured at 0.01mm. Powered by a single 1.5 volt cell (included) and protected in a high density plastic foam lined case. Length 6 3/4″

Part No. T042
$39.95 each

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High-Speed Euro Twist Drills

Quality made HSS twist drills made to exacting tolerances. Bright finished, with exactly the proper cutting angle at the tip. Flutes are sharp with the proper spiral and finished outer edges. The finest grade tool steel, tempered for maximum hardness and endurance. Individual drills packaged ten to a see-thru tube and labeled with the drill size for easy identification.

Assortment includes one tube (10 pieces) each sizes 61 – 80 (.3429 mm – .9906 mm) and a hardwood stand marked with the appropriate size.

Lets you store, replenish and retrieve the size you need with ease!

Part No. T041
$112.00 complete set

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Nut Holder

The perfect companion to our famous Screw Starter. Works the same way…push the end and the prongs open to grab the nut. No more balancing the nuts on the tip of your finger!

Part No. Z003N
$22.00 each

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Screw Starter and Nut Holder Set

Part No. Z003N
$22.00 each

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2.0 mm Screwdriver

This is the Screwdriver we have been using for many years. Imported from Germany this high-precision tool features a rotating cap, ergonomic handle and a blade made of high alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdeum steel.

Part No. T038
$5.00 each

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