Alfa Romeo Parts Announcements

We did it! We have revolutionized the assembly of Pocher wheels…

This photo shows the finished Alfa Wheel using our new system. Notice the missing plastic rings. Our new Wheel is cast in resin in one piece so no more stacking plastic layers between metal rings as you spoke the wheel. Rather than pushing the nipples with a screwdriver into the slots in the rings (problematic, at best!), you can drill the holes with the drill bits and neat resin thumb handles that come in your kit.

The wheel rims have been cast with a dimple for each of the holes – including one for the valve stem – so drilling the holes for the spokes is easy.

We use the Pocher spokes and nipples and either the Pocher tires or our replacement tires will fit. Complete instructions come with the kit and include 24 photos and lots of explanatory text. Our thanks to Dave DeBack for his ideas!

The Wheels are cast in white so you can paint them the perfect color for your Alfa build.

Complete Alfa Wheel Kit
(for one wheel, does not include the spokes, nipples or center hub)

Part N0. A030

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Alfa Replacement Tires

Our new replacement Tires solve several Pocher problems. First, as the photo below shows…they are flexible…now no more heartbreak putting on the impossibly hard Pocher tires! Secondly, they are matte finish and soft, they deflect…just like the prototypes. They really look real!

Tip: We have been asked how to remove the old Pocher tires. Since these are replacement tires…just cut the old ones off the wheel. We found using our razor saw works nicely.

Part No. A011
$40.00 each

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We are pleased to announce our Wooden Steering Wheels

Our Steering Wheels were unavailable for years but now, thanks to the latest technologies, we are proud to be able to once again offer our famous Steering Wheels in Maple, Walnut and Mahogany.

The spokes are machined from .40 stainless steel using a pantograph and hand assembled with aluminum pins. Then finished with three coats of polyurethane.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Part No. S001
$125.00 Walnut

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Part No. S002
$125.00 Mahogany

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Part No. S003
$125.00 Maple

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The Perfect Finishing Touch!
Hubs for the Steering Wheels

The Hub is cast in bronze and nickel plated. It’s internally threaded for the 2.0 mm threaded rod and has a shoulder so the spark advance lever will move.

Part No. S004
$6.00 each

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The Alfa Knock-Off Hubs

After many months of trial and error – and error and error and error – the Alfa Knock-Off Hubs are finished.

We have often been asked what which Alfa hub we used for the prototype in designing our scale replica. And while we had a number of options we ended up choosing the wing design for it’s elegance and to differentiate it from the Pocher part it replaces so beautifully.

Our Alfa Romeo Knock-Off hubs are nickel plated and the results speak for themselves!

This is the easiest retrofitting part we have ever produced and one of the best improvements over the original Pocher part they are designed to replace. A must for the Pocher Alfa model builder.

Part No. A041
$125.00 set of four.

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The Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly

We are proud to offer the Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly kit which includes the chassis supports, end plates, adjuster, spacers, threaded rods and end mounts. We once again thank our friend “Wally” Van Orden for allowing us to cast his masters and Paul Koo who came up with a great solution to the spacers – 1/16″ and 3/32″ collars – that are now included in the kit.

The End Mounts require modifications to the Pocher shock. Also, we include the extra shock arm required for the front shocks. We provide instructions by Paul Koo with 41 photos.

Click here for Instructions

The Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly

Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly
Spider, Coupe – 1 set of rear shocks
Part No. A042 $130.00 complete set

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Alfa Shock Absorber Assembly
Monza – two sets of rear shocks
Part No. A043 $190.00 complete set

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The Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly

Under development for almost a year, the Alfa Steering and Front Brake Assembly is clearly one of our most ambitious projects ever undertaken. Each part in this Assembly started as a hand built prototype created on our workbenches. They are cast in bronze and then undergo a final preparation which includes drilling and tapping. The Steering Arms are a direct replacement for the Pocher stamped metal pieces and attach using the Pocher bolts.

The Brake Arm is tapped and attaches with the 2 mm threaded rods. And, the Brake Levers utilize the tapped 0-80 hole in the MML Axle. The 1/16″ brass rod (provided in the Kit) fits snuggly in the end of our Clevises (a dab of our Bondini glue is recommended).

The Kit includes the Steering Arms, Brake Arms, Brake Levers, Clevises, 00-90, 0-80, 2 mm Bolts and brass rod.

The Front Brake Kit does require using the MML Axle (Part No.A002) and the spindles need to be shortened by about 1/16″ of an inch from the top and bottom; this is very easily done with a file. Finally, the tie rod provided by Pocher also needs to be fitted. We will fit both at no charge if they are sent to us.

Click here for Instructions

Part No. A037
$110.00 for the Kit

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Part No.A037a
$150.00 for the Kit
(Includes the axle sized to fit)

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Model Motorcars Alfa Leaf Springs

In our continuing quest to improve the quality of Pochers, Model Motorcars has developed a functional set of Alfa Leaf Springs! Direct replacement for the Pocher springs; requires no modifications. Photo-etched from stainless steel, with the ends preformed with loops (no soldering required), the clamp tubes precut, and all the 0-80, 00-90, 1.0 mm nuts and bolts, and 2.0 mm washers to complete the set. Plus, we include a 1.0 mm wrench! Those 1.0 mm nuts are almost impossible to use without one…

Click here for Instructions

Part No. A010
$135.00 for the complete kit

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The Alfa Safety Wire Kit

For the advanced builder! The Studs are cast in bronze and then nickel plated…comes with the hole for the wire and the 28 gauge wire. Also, we provide in the Kit a #61 drill. Pocher shows the spot for 36 Studs. However, the number can vary. Our Kit includes 4 trees with 12 Studs each.

Click here to see great pictures of prototype motorcars with safety wire attached.

Complete Kit, includes 48 Studs, 2 yd’s. of 28 gauge wire and #61 drill
Part No. A046 - $45.00

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Single Tree of 12 Studs
Part No. A046a

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Alfa Headlight Lenses

We used the same technology we used in developing the Rolls-Royce glass lenses to make these beautiful Alfa Romeo headlight lenses.

They are made from German watchmaker’s glass, beveled and then the pattern is printed. They fit the Pocher provided reflectors.

Part No. A047
$30.00 per pair

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Alfa Engine Kit

After the success of our first complete kit; our super-detailed version of the 8C 2300 Alfa Romeo Engine, we have improved it! Still a free-standing display engine, complete with engine stands, solid oak base, plaque, decals, ignition wire…everything in the photo. We have cast the Engine Block, Valve Covers, and Cylinder Heads in solid white resin. Our Engine can also serve as a direct replacement for the engine in any Pocher Alfa Romeo kit. A new Construction Manual has been created by Paul Koo…with 347 photos!

Kit includes 30 super-detailed resin castings including:

Engine block
Cylinder Head
Cam Covers
Exhaust Manifolds
Intake Manifolds

Coffee Can Coil
Water Pump
Oil Pump

Metal components: Including water pipes, spark plugs, engine stands, pop-off valves, acorn nuts, intake screen, pedals, levers, bell cranks, control rods, gear lever and gate, brake lever, and nickel-plated 00-90, 0.80 nuts and bolts, simulated 00.90 and 0.80 and 1mm nuts and bolts to replace all of the cast-on nuts and bolts and much more.

Part No. A001

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New Alfa Axle

After ten years, we have decided to up-grade our famous Alfa bronze axle. Same great fix for the crazy camber angles of the plastic kit axle, but now with finer detailing and smaller, more accurate profile. To celebrate the re-birth of our axle, we are including a pair of our new Bronze Bell-Cranks and a pair of our new Bronze Clevises. Our new Alfa Axle is a knock-out improvement for any Pocher Alfa model. Drilled and tapped for 2mm hardware; clevises work with the stock 2mm brake rods supplied in the kit.

Part No. A002
$75.00 per set

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Now, thanks to the efforts of “Wally” Van Orden, we can offer the Wing-nuts to complete the assembly of the Rear Brake Levers. Cast in bronze and threaded for the 2 mm Pocher rods.

Part No. A034a
$8.00 per pair

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We have had many requests over the years for a prototype-correct Alfa Script.

We just received these from our photo-etcher… fabricated in stainless steel they are perfect!

Part No. A036
$6.00 each

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A fun part for your Alfa – Our New Crank Shaft Cap

One would never leave the Hand Crank in the shaft and to protect the exposed end from road debris the driver would insert this nifty shaft cap to protect the internal threads.
Now every Alfa model can have one. They are cast in bronze and nickel plated… and they are priced so every Pocher Alfa can look its best!

Part No. A044
$5.00 each

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Alfa Hood Latches

Hot on the heels of our landmark RR hood latches come our fabulous Alfa Romeo Hood Latches. Yikes, have these been on the to-do list for a long time! These puppies come with the distinctive bumper arm that helps hold the hood closed, and the latches are as close as we could come to shrinking the real thing. Alas, for most applications (Spiders, Coupés) the jazzy bumper arms will need to be snipped off, but for the lucky souls building the corsa (Monza, Muletto), our new latches will be a perfect fit just as they come.

Plated in nickel to match the rest of the Pocher hardware, these latches are a direct replacement, require no body work, and use the Pocher screw-eye mount.

Part No. A022
$45.00 per pair

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Stand-Up Tail Light

Many thanks to “Wally” Van Orden (See his wonderful build in Construction Gallery) he made the master for this wonderful tail light.

This is a perfect example of the Tail Light shown in many photos of the prototypes. Cast in bronze, includes 0-90 bolts. Does not include the lens.

Part No. A040

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Alfa Steering Arm

Our new Alfa Steering Arm is prototype-correct. However, it does require drilling and pinning to attach. Comes with instructions and a length of music wire.

Part No. A035
$12.00 each

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Rear Brake Lever Assembly

Again, we’re replacing all the stamped metal parts in the kits. These Levers are a direct replacement for the Pocher provided ones. Easy to install; Lever is pre-soldered to the rod. And, now complete with the Wing-nuts!

Part No. A034
$55.00 for the complete set of 6 components

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Distributor Linkage Kit

In response to your requests, we are going to post several parts from the Alfa Engine Kit… beginning with the Alfa Distributor Linkage Kit. Dress up the cam covers and capture the look of the prototype perfectly. The Kit includes three solid nickel photo-etched parts, our new Ball Ends, 1mm thread rod, nuts and bolt and music wire for the rods.

Part No. A005
$40.00 14 piece kit

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Alfa Chassis Stands

Just the thing to keep the Alfa Romeo chassis safely elevated from the dangers of a cluttered workbench. Raises the chassis to facilitate working on the mechanical brakes, or just to get the smaller bits into the range of bifocals.

And when it’s time to flip your chassis upside down to work on the underside, nothing makes it easier than our Chassis Stands.

Made from aircraft aluminum plate, these are the same as our Rolls-Royce stands but sized to fit the Alfa chassis.

Part No. A028
$60.00 per pair

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Acorn Nuts

Tired of the plastic nubbins on top of your Alfa cam covers? At long last we have genuine acorn nuts with 1mm threads. Straight from Germany, these tiny nuts will make any Alfa fan swoon with delight. Can be glued in place or fastened to 1mm threaded rod (not included). We sell them in sets of 34 (enough to do two Alfa cam covers with two extra for donation to the Pocher Gods who reside in carpet fibers).

Part No. A007
$40.00 set of 34

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Exhaust Manifolds

Finally a replacement for all of those cracked, scarred, glued, and broken exhaust manifolds that seem to inhabit any partially built Pocher Alfa kit. Now you can convert a Monza or Muletto to a street engine, or add just the right finishing touch to a display engine. Accurate down to the casting flanges, these manifolds are direct replacements for the kit pieces.

Part No. A019
$25.00 per set

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Cam Covers

If you are building an Alfa Romeo,you may have discovered that the cam covers are warped. In the past, there was little to be done about this except to try to heat the cam cover and straighten it. Occasionally this technique worked, and occasionally it did not work.

Model Motorcars is happy to announce that we have had replacement cam covers cast in resin. These covers are straight and have the added benefit of featuring a set of our acorn nuts cast in place. While purists may still add a set of our nickel-plated brass acorn nuts, the less fastidious builders among us can take comfort in the fact that these new cam covers have cast-on acorn nuts which actually look like acorn nuts.

Part No. A018
$30.00 pair

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Alfa Radiator Cap

We proudly present our Alfa Quick-Release Radiator Cap with Moto-Meter. Our usual bronze casting (nickel plated), but this time Marvin has out-done himself in his efforts to capture every nuance of the original. Threaded to fit the Pocher radiator fitting and includes two printed inserts, one the temperature gauge face and one a St. Christopher’s medal for good luck.

Part No. A016
$30.00 each

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Alfa Breathers

After years of making do with the thumb screws on the cam covers of the Pocher Alfa Romeo, Model Motorcars comes to the rescue. Our new Alfa Breathers are accurate miniatures of the crankcase breathers used on the prototype 8c 2300 engine. Cross drilled to capture the look of the original, our Alfa Breathers are enough to cause heavy breathing among the Alfisti. These bronze pieces are direct replacements for the Pocher-supplied thumbscrews, and can be used in the cam covers and on the side of the engine. Polished to a mirror finish and nickel plated to match the rest of the Pocher metal pieces, these Alfa Breathers will add the finishing touch to that all-out Alfa model or Alfa display engine.

Part No. A014
$48.00 per set of four

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The Alfa Engine Stands

The Alfa Engine Stands from our Alfa Engine Kit. We are answering the many requests for them to be sold separately. Use to display your finished engine while you work on the chassis and wheels. Cast in bronze with a supply of 0.80 bolts, nuts and washers.

Part No. A031
$50.00 per set

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New Alfa Decals from MMLtd.

We are happy to announce that we are now offering a revised set of Alfa Decals. This time, there are duplicates of each image and both black and white instrument faces.

Clear, sharp digital images make these just the thing to replace the kit-supplied stickers. Our new Alfa Decal Set includes the logo for the shock absorber adjuster knob and even a St. Christopher medal to keep your little drivers safe.

These high-resolution, high-quality pieces will really dress up the interior of your Pocher Alfa

Part No. A008
$20.00 each

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Driver’s Foot Pedals

Especially designed for our Alfa Engine Kit, these bronze pedals add realism and ease of assembly to the Alfa transmission. Our pedals are three dimensional castings, and there is no need to risk twisting the ends of sheet metal pedal arms or to fiddle with the plastic pedal pads.

These pedals are as accurate as we can make them, and they come nickel plated to match the rest of the Pocher hardware. Brightens up the gloomy interior of the Pocher Alfas, and will make a display engine a thing of beauty.

Set of three, accelerator, brake, and clutch.

Part No. A023
$40.00 per set

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Are Your Pipes Letting You Down?

Anyone who has built a Pocher Alfa has faced the dreaded Water Pipe Challenge-iddy-biddy, teensie-weensie plastic pipes with huge parting lines that are supposed to go with some crumbling red rubber hoses. Everyone who survives the Water Pipe Challenge has put considerable time into the effort, sometimes with marginal results.

Model Motorcars feels your pain. Our new Alfa Water Pipes are nickel-plated bronze and they fit, add the “rubber” hose, and install. Best of all, they look good. Kit consists of nickel plated bronze “pipes”, rubber “hose” and photo-etched hose clamps.

Part No. A024
$35.00 per set

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Alfa Water Manifold

The perfect companion to our now famous Water Pipes (A024)…the Water Manifold. Cast in bronze and nickel plated, comes with hose, clamps and flanges.

Part No. A029
$40.00 per set

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Cycle Fenders for the Alfa Monza

Our latest Alfa accessory is a set of resin cycle-fenders for the Alfa Romeo. These fenders feature the correct diameter for the Alfa wheels and a slight “duck-tail” or flare at the rear. These fenders will work in all sorts of applications, but the idea is to mount these fenders close to the wheel by attaching the supports to the backing plates of the brakes.

Not for the faint-of-heart nor for beginners because we do not provide supports nor hardware. Shown on George King’s very racey Muletto conversion, and, no, we do not have his wonderful turned aluminum wheels.

Part No. A025
$60.00 per set of four

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