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Created more than 40 years ago with amazing detail, Pocher Classic models have become coveted collectibles for modelers and automobile lovers all over the world. At Model Motorcars, we understand your drive to improve your Pocher experience, bringing you the best catalog of proprietary parts and materials for over 25 years. From all imaginable parts to books, CDs and tools to help you build and customize the car of your dreams, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing the best researched, manufactured and finished parts the world over.

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New 1:8 scale 1976 VW Beetle Cabriolet


Pre-painted metal kit by LeGrand LE100 sunny yellow | LE101 viper green metallic The metal kit by LEGRAND 1/8 Collection will feature:

  • over 600 parts
  • a pre-painted metal body
  • fully detailed engine, interior, and exterior
  • functional steering
  • opening doors, hood, and trunk
  • assembly primarily with screws
  • model weight: 11 lbs

each color limited to 500 kits worldwide

Part No. LE100 $700 Yellow
Part No. LE101 $700 Green

The Perfect Holiday Gift!


Our Steering Wheels were unavailable for years but now, thanks to the latest technologies, we are proud to once again offer our famous Steering Wheels in Maple, Walnut and Mahogany.


The spokes are machined from .40 stainless steel using a pantograph and hand assembled with aluminum pins. Then finished with three coats of polyurethane.


The wood is cut from solid planks with a 3D router, and have the finger grooves in the back!

Part No. S001 - Steering Wheel - Real Walnut $125.00
Part No. S002 Steering Wheel - Real Mahogany $125.00
Part No. S003 -Steering Wheel - Real Maple $125.00

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November's Feature Exhibit

Jim Barnett's

1/4" scale Climax Locomotive


From the builder...

My primary goal was to become proficient with a Sherline lathe and mill, so I just jumped in. The model required hundreds of individual parts, most machined from brass. Numerous jigs and a few custom tools were necessary. The water tank, firebox, boiler and smokebox were made by shaping and soldering sheet stock around wooden forms. The wooden forms remain in the model. The model is held together by hundreds of Scale Hardware bolts and nuts ranging from 0-80 to 0.5 mm. The hardware was invaluable in that complex assemblies like the engines and trucks were taken apart and reassembled numerous times as new pieces were made and fitted. Every part was finished with lacquer before final assembly.
The project spanned two years, working ~10 hours per week. If someone wants to learn miniature machining and metal work, I strongly recommend building one of Kozo's locomotives (he wrote books detailing three additional locomotives). You won't have to worry about researching the subject or incomplete information - you can focus exclusively on building.

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