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Created more than 40 years ago with amazing detail, Pocher Classic models have become coveted collectibles for modelers and automobile lovers all over the world. At Model Motorcars, we understand your drive to improve your Pocher experience, bringing you the best catalog of proprietary parts and materials for over 25 years. From all imaginable parts to books, CDs and tools to help you build and customize the car of your dreams, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing the best researched, manufactured and finished parts the world over.

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An Important Announcement!


We are very excited to inform you that Model Motorcars has purchased the brand name and inventory of Scale Hardware, a company specialized in miniature nuts, bolts, rivets, fasteners, etc., which serviced hobbyists and miniature machinists globally for over 20 years. We believe this will be a great addition to our already vast line-up, as the Pocher community continues to evolve into super-detailing our beloved Pochers to new heights!

A new web site has been constructed which features all the fantastic Scale Hardware products,
as well as photos of many great models built using them. As is our tradition, we will also have a Scale Hardware International Museum.

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We’re all about supporting the Pocher community

We bring you instruction manuals, thousands of model and prototype pictures, build logbooks, hard to find essential tools and materials to achieve the level of quality and satisfaction you are striving for. We are no further from your shop than an email away, and we are always happy to share what we have learned.


We are home to the unique International Museum of Pochers …the largest display of our beloved model cars at your fingertips!
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Our Museum is constantly evolving, and it brings you over 4,000 photos from model builders located around the world. Best of all, it opens 24x7 and is free for all to visit and get inspired! Please send us your finished / under construction model photos to be included.

July's Feature Exhibit

Jo Martin's

Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Chassis


It has been our contention here at Model Motorcars, Ltd. that replacing a few details and adding considerable effort and craftsmanship is all that it takes to transform a Pocher into a serious scale replica. Our argument is eloquently made by models like this award winning Alfa 8c 2300 chassis built by New Zealander Jo Martin . This time, the builder has gone to the extra effort of replacing all the fasteners and building replicas of those elements only hinted at by the original kit. As this project progresses, it will be interesting to see the results of such an ambitious and fastidious method. So far, the results are wonderful.

Superb effect of careful assembly, accurate finishes, and supplemental details.


Anyone who has tried to get a Monza body to sit tightly against the frame rails will appreciate this photo. The support for the spare wheel is often overlooked.


This is one of those photos which can teach all of us some lessons. Even a close inspection of the prototype coil might not be so easy to decipher as this multicolored construction shot.


As with most Pochers, much of the detail will be out of sight in the completed model.


Nothing here to give away that this is a model. Notice the difference in finish between the cam cover body and the machined surfaces for the hold down nuts. The generator is wonderful.


Great models always boil down to careful work and an eye for detail.

You may have noticed the addition of several videos to the Museum.
It's very easy with all the new devices and certainly adds
to the presentation of your beautiful models.

Keep them coming!

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they need corrections, please contact us!

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