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Created more than 40 years ago with amazing detail, Pocher Classic models have become coveted collectibles for modelers and automobile lovers all over the world. At Model Motorcars, we understand your drive to improve your Pocher experience, bringing you the best catalog of proprietary parts and materials for over 25 years. From all imaginable parts to books, CDs and tools to help you build and customize the car of your dreams, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing the best researched, manufactured and finished parts the world over.

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A huge 1:3 scale functional kit of a classic Porsche racing engine!


Brady just built this new kit of the classic Porsche Racing four cam engine used in the 550 Spyder, 904 GTS and 356 Carrera. Everything fits well and the large size (12" x 12" x 12") allows for almost unlimited extra detailing. The plastic castings are extraordinarily clean, the screwed assembly requires no glue, and the electrically powered internals with genuine engine sounds make me grin every time I press the button. Even the box and assembly manual are things of beauty.

Minor complaints: the plated screws used for assembly are awkward looking and too visible in places, especially on the cam covers, but can replaced with more appropriate bolts without too much effort (see extra detailing photo below). The very large size also makes it look simplistic in places, but also means adding extra details <> is a breeze. Painting all gray plastic parts with cast aluminum automotive paint greatly improves the look of the flywheel, exhaust, and carbs. For the size, functional details and price it is still amazingly fun.

300 pieces, approximately 4 hours build time, assembly with screws (no glue!)

functional crank shaft, pistons, LED tipped sparkplugs, gear driven cams, valves, and fan.

clear cylinders and cam boxes let you watch all functional parts driven by the included electric motor; the spark plugs light in sequence, and a sound recording of the real engine starts, revs, and settles into a throaty idle

both racing and road car exhausts are included a gorgeous 120 page color book produced by the Porsche Museum chronicles the history of this famous engine and the cars it powered, and concludes with the clear and detailed assembly manual

Part No. P101 $225.00 kit. delivery in approx 4 weeks

Our ship has landed!


The ship "Madrid Bridge" has landed in NY and our cargo is being trucked to NH. Should have them very soon!


VW Beetle - Yellow - LE100


VW Beetle - Green - LE101


The Rampage Motorcycle - KST100


The Rampage Motorcycle - KST100

The VW Beetles are Kits to build and the Rampage is factory built. For more information and larger photos click here.

August's Feature Exhibit

Silvano Rossi's

Alfa Romeo Gran Sport Spider


After over three decades of Model Motorcars, it is fair to say that there is not much in the world of Pochers that we have not seen before, and we have seen our share of 'sliced and diced' Alfas. Silvano Rossi has sent us photos of his version of the Pocher Alfa Romeo Gran Sport Spider, and to be fair, we were stopped in our tracks.

A successful model is always a combination of craftsmanship in the service of concept, and the best models push the boundaries of both. Starting with a kit-any kit-is a challenge. If elements of the kit require corrections, like fixing body panels that do not fit correctly, the challenge is increased. And even the best kits threaten to trap the builder into merely assembling someone else's design. The venerable Pocher Alfa does both, offering up a mighty challenge in terms of assembly and a readily recognizable design. Most Pocher Alfas can be identified from several meters away, and all have required herculean efforts in the service of a standardized concept.

So what separates Mr. Rossi's Alfa from so many others? It is not the meticulous assembly, nor the glistening paintwork, nor the attention to detail, nor the wonderful colors, nor even remarkable craftsmanship and scratch-built components. We see lots of models with all of those features, and we celebrate them because of those features. What we seldom see-or even accomplish-is a concept that so powerfully joins the forces of teaching with entertaining. All models are in some way teaching tools, none more so that models of historic subjects like the Pocher Alfa. And all models seek to entertain the viewer with the startling effects of miniaturization. Mr. Rossi has taken these two impulses and moved them up a notch or two-- turned up the volume as it were-and the results are truly delightful. The fact that his concept is rooted in historical fact makes the model even more entertaining, rather like the distinction between listening to a recording or attending a live concert. Bravo! Bravely done.

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