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Created more than 40 years ago with amazing detail, Pocher Classic models have become coveted collectibles for modelers and automobile lovers all over the world. At Model Motorcars, we understand your drive to improve your Pocher experience, bringing you the best catalog of proprietary parts and materials for over 25 years. From all imaginable parts to books, CDs and tools to help you build and customize the car of your dreams, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing the best researched, manufactured and finished parts the world over.

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An Important Announcement!


We are very excited to inform you that Model Motorcars has purchased the brand name and inventory of Scale Hardware, a company specialized in miniature nuts, bolts, rivets, fasteners, etc., which serviced hobbyists and miniature machinists globally for over 20 years. We believe this will be a great addition to our already vast line-up, as the Pocher community continues to evolve into super-detailing our beloved Pochers to new heights!

A new web site has been constructed which features all the fantastic Scale Hardware products,
as well as photos of many great models built using them. As is our tradition, we now have a Scale Hardware Model Museum.

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We are pleased to announce the opening of a new Shop!


The Metal Shop will feature the complete line of metal products offered by the well known K & S Precision Metals. We will carry both the Imperial and Metric sizes!

Most of our US hobbyist have seen this display rack in their local hobby shop…usually, missing items! We will stock the complete inventory at all times.


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We’re all about supporting the Pocher community

We bring you instruction manuals, thousands of model and prototype pictures, build logbooks, hard to find essential tools and materials to achieve the level of quality and satisfaction you are striving for. We are no further from your shop than an email away, and we are always happy to share what we have learned.


July Feature Tool:
Carbide Jaw Wire Cutter


We have all ruined a good pair of side cutters cutting music wire or something too hard. Well, no more! These carbide cutters are made particularly for hard wire and feature carbide jaw inserts for maximum hardness. Made in the same method as cutters used by orthodontists for hard wire, handle is PVC cushion grip.

You will get years of service from this tool, which is almost indestructible when used properly.
Handle length - 4 1/2" (140 mm)

Part No. T043

$26.95 each

July's Feature Exhibit

Joerg Potthoff's

Alfa Romeo Spider Touring Grand Sport

We at Model Motorcars see a large number of Pocher projects, and we enjoy seeing how many of our components we can identify on any one model. While it is true that the more components we see the better we like it, it is also true that we delight in seeing the variety of different approaches used by Pocher builders. Pocher builders are a resourceful and inventive crowd, and what they do with Pocher kits is a constant source of amusement and wonder for us here at MMLtd. When photographs of Joerg Pottoff's Alfa arrived on our desk, we immediately noticed that Pottoff seemed to take as much pleasure in using our components as we do, and yet there was something else about his model that that tickled our fancy. As we slowly worked out what it was that had us smiling, it dawned on us that our little family of Pocher enthusiasts has a wider range of interests than we might have expected. Our tent, it seems, covers more acreage than we had thought.

A conventional way of thinking about Pocher builders is that we range from those who build box-stock models to those of us who think of a Pocher kit as a good jumping-off point on our journey to creating a model car. All of which is true, but the alternatives along that spectrum are many and varied, and at either end of the spectrum are some wonderfully unexpected examples of model building.

One of the oldest segments of our hobby includes those folk whose principle goal is to build the neatest, most fastidiously assembled Pocher the world has ever seen. These folk are the 'box-stockers' who often impose on themselves the determination to use only the components within the box the kit came in. For some, this even precludes paint. The exercise can be made more demanding by trying to duplicate the model shown on the box top. At the other end of our spectrum are those of us who seem determined to leave behind any semblance of what the manufacturer had in mind and build something which totally hides its origins. In general terms, the former are building models and the latter are building replicas; the former are focused on techniques (how) and the latter are focused on prototype details (what). So there we were, smug in our neat categories and our insightful conclusions-enjoying a steaming latte-- when Joerg Pottoff's photos arrived, a wake-up call to those of us hanging out in the Assumption Hotel.

The tip-off that Joerg Pottoff refuses to be bullied by the assumptions of others is that he has painstakingly painted his model the exact color of the plastic-twice. He explains that in the midst of finishing the last coat of paint, the model fell on the floor (here, most of us can insert our own heart-breaking/hilarious anecdotes of similar catastrophes) so that he had to use thinner to remove the paint and start over. If this were the only time we had encountered a model painted in the color of the plastic components, we might have missed the significance. It surely is not the first time we have read about models with fresh paint meeting their Arma- geddon. Currently this writer is restoring a model that has been so meticulously painted in the colors of the plastic that the fact it was painted at all was only recently discovered. This is not a new phenomenon. But whether it is months spent researching the exact shade of a prototype color, or weeks spent meticulously refinishing a model in the color of the plastic components, it is clear that Pocher folk are a wonderfully determined and patient lot.

We have lots in common.
Our motivations are completely different.
Our models tell our stories.
Thank you, one and all, for so enriching our lives!


Meticulously finished 8c 2300 straight-eight with supercharger. Note painted fasteners, pop-off valves, neatly enameled carburetor, and copper fuel line. Even at this stage, the model is showing off.


Stock colors will be perfectly complimented by the painted wire wheels-after hours of construction time, it takes courage to paint the wire wheels. Here the fancy seat is being test fitted.


The neatness of the wiring, the use of MMLtd. acorn nuts and hose clamps, and the finish on the parts all tell the tale of a careful-a meticulous-assembly.


The always-challenging Pocher Alfa wire wheel is greatly improved with a coat of paint.


This indoor photo shows off the fine finishes of the model. Fit of the doors and hoods betray hours of fiddly work that is often over-looked.


This over-head photo records that the MMLtd. stainless-steel springs have been correctly installed. Note the carefully installed firewall details and the neat ignition wires. The giveaway that the builder is swinging for the fences is the shrink tubing on the wires to the coil.


Most models have a 'good' side and a 'bad' side. Joerg seems to have gone for a two-sided model that can displayed either way. Note the crisp precision of the details and finishes.


The combination of a rare MMLtd. custom steering wheel and the neatly finished wood instrument fascia makes this model look as if you could hop in and drive it away.


Nothing gives this photo away. From the linkage on the ignition to the tech plate on the cam cover, this has everything but the smell of oil and fuel.


This photo is handsome display and a credit to the Pocher people. It is an image of what everyone who buys the kit hopes to achieve.


Working lights and a correctly painted radiator emblem are a credit to the builder.

We have now opened the Scale Hardware Model Museum. Featuring all scales and subjects!

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