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Created more than 40 years ago with amazing detail, Pocher Classic models have become coveted collectibles for modelers and automobile lovers all over the world. At Model Motorcars, we understand your drive to improve your Pocher experience, bringing you the best catalog of proprietary parts and materials for over 25 years. From all imaginable parts to books, CDs and tools to help you build and customize the car of your dreams, we have you covered. We pride ourselves in providing the best researched, manufactured and finished parts the world over.

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An Important Announcement!


We are very excited to inform you that Model Motorcars has purchased the brand name and inventory of Scale Hardware, a company specialized in miniature nuts, bolts, rivets, fasteners, etc., which serviced hobbyists and miniature machinists globally for over 20 years. We believe this will be a great addition to our already vast line-up, as the Pocher community continues to evolve into super-detailing our beloved Pochers to new heights!

A new web site has been constructed which features all the fantastic Scale Hardware products,
as well as photos of many great models built using them. As is our tradition, we will also have a Scale Hardware International Museum.

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We’re all about supporting the Pocher community

We bring you instruction manuals, thousands of model and prototype pictures, build logbooks, hard to find essential tools and materials to achieve the level of quality and satisfaction you are striving for. We are no further from your shop than an email away, and we are always happy to share what we have learned.


We are home to the unique International Museum of Pochers …the largest display of our beloved model cars at your fingertips!
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Our Museum is constantly evolving, and it brings you over 4,000 photos from model builders located around the world. Best of all, it opens 24x7 and is free for all to visit and get inspired! Please send us your finished / under construction model photos to be included.

March's Feature Exhibit

Doug Clavette, Canada

1907 Fiat F2 Grand Prix Race Car


1907 Fiat F2 Grand Prix Race Car by Doug Clavette

The 1907 Fiat F2 Grand Prix Race Car is among the world’s most famous early cars and makes for a wonderful subject for a super-detailed model, or what can be called an ‘extreme model’. The incredible detail and fine finishes elevate this model above most examples and make the Edwardian mechanical details all the more impressive. Note the plating and polishing of metal components, and the wonderful exposed timing gears. The 16-liter engine of this model invites special care, and in this case has received it. It is in the various materials and textures that this model excels, and the result is as close as one can come to a Pebble Beach finish in 1:8 scale. Meticulous assembly, fabulous finishes, and a generous smattering of metal details are a recipe for success. From the plated rocker arms to the wonderfully pliant leather shield, this model is all about textures and finishes, and it is a fitting tribute to a time when the automobile was in its infancy. To get the full effect, be sure to take a look at the various u-Tube videos of these veteran cars making their smoke and thunder.

You may have noticed the addition of several videos to the Museum.
It's very easy with all the new devices and certainly adds
to the presentation of your beautiful models.

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