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Due to the Coronavirus, some of our overseas suppliers are closed. We will continue selling those imported parts until they’re gone.

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Marvin, Jorge and Frank

One of our all-time favorites is back and better than ever...the Mercedes Benz Hood Grilles!!!

Our MB hood grilles have been out of production for quite a while due to supplier shifts. But, we have retained a great sourcing alternative and are glad to offer them again as replacements to the Pocher provided screening.

These are stainless steel doubled etched for realistic depth and fit exactly in the hood recesses, to look and feel just like the prototype!

Please click here for installation instructions.

Part No. M031 $65.00 per set




Shipments of new orders may experience temporary delays. You may continue to browse and place orders on our site, but please be advised that it may take longer than usual to ship your order. We sincerely appreciate your patience. Thank you for continuing to support our small business in these challenging times!

May's Feature Exhibit

Clarence Novak's

Jaguar 1/8 Monogram E Type "Goodwood" Coupe


I built 50% of this kit over 15 years ago. This is what I always wanted to do with my real E Type. This kits ’reputation’ didn’t disappoint. I see it as a vintage toy kit that always wanted to be a ‘presentable’ scale model. Despite the many challenges, there are a few master modelers who do museum grade builds of this kit. They represent my inspiration for this attempt.

Examples of the challenges I encountered:
- The large front windscreen has a rectangular cut out at top center?
This cut out is at the tension point of this part…crazing and usually causes cracking of the windscreen.
- The ‘fit’ and attachment points of most of the parts is ‘questionable’.
- The doors and bonnet fit and panel gaps took many hours to optimize.
- The bonnet and doors are set in fitted position with 1/16 dia” Neo Magnets.
- The engine sub frame assembly presented problems in strength and fit. I used over 30 cut to length. Brass rod ‘pins’ to add strength.

In addition to the Ferrari GTO style body cues, I reprofiled the nose, added RC car Brembo Front Brakes, Minolta Wheels, Tire Valves, and Five Point Belts. I widened the tires by sectioning tires from two kits.

Scratch Built
- Bonnet Inner Panels / Intake Manifold / Rear Suspension Brake Lines / Diff Cooler / Coil Springs / Triple Webbers / Intake Trumpets / Spark Plug Wires / Wired Distributor / Aluminum Exhaust Headers / Brake Booster / Brass Rod Axles / Throttle Linkage / Optima Battery / Resin Spark Plugs / Fluorescent Styrene rods Headlight Bulbs.

As a ‘Track Day’ weekend racer, I deleted the bumpers, front turn signals, and wipers, added a low-pressure exhaust and cut pressure vents in the rear window. The paint is Tamiya TS60 Pearl Green over Mica Silver undercoat with Mr. Hobby Clear. The primary adhesive that worked reliably on this ancient plastic was E6000 along with many brass pins and magnets to add strength.

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An Update!

Shel Urlik's1/8" Scale 1933 Bugatti 50T Engine in Aluminum
Shel has added some photos and new text...wonderful!

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