Rolls-Royce Parts Announcements

Announcing the Rolls-Royce Wheel Kit

With the success of our Alfa Wheel Kit…it wouldn’t be long before we produced a Wheel Kit for the Rolls-Royce. Same assembly and same results! A much improved assembly system. The response from builders who have constructed their Alfa Wheels is very positive!

Click here for Instructions.

The Wheels are cast in white resin. The builders can paint them the color they choose.

Complete Rolls-Royce Wheel Kit
(for one wheel, does not include the spokes, nipples or center hub)

Part No. R036

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Rolls-Royce Replacement Tires in blackwall or whitewall

When we designed our replacement tires for the Pocher Rolls-Royce, we were determined to create a tire with four key improvements over the Pocher-supplied tires; flexibility for ease of installation, a “real-rubber” matte finish, removal of the unsightly bulge in the sidewall and – most importantly – a perfect fit on the Pocher metal rims.

We are thrilled that our new Rolls-Royce tires feature all of the above. No more scratching or damaging your painted rims while installing the tire. No more heating to soften them. No more tires that are shinier than the paint job on the car. No more painting the sidewalls with white paint that cracks and chips. Our new tires are a great upgrade for any Pocher Rolls-Royce enthusiast.

Black sidewall Tire – Part No.R035
$45.00 each

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Whitewall Tire – Part No. R035w
$55.00 each

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The Complete Rolls-Royce Headlight Set

We have been working for over two years to develop the metal Reflectors and glass Lenses. They both used advanced technologies. The master for the Reflector utilized “rapid prototyping” and the pattern on the Lenses is printed by a process know as “tampography”.

To create the Reflector, a 3D CAD design was drawn by Brian Yingling (thanks again, Brian!). Then, it was sent to a company to “print” in 3D (rapid prototyping)…the result is the acrylic master shown below. The master is then sent to the caster where a mold is made. After casting in bronze, it is then highly polished ready for chrome plating. Of course, it took several castings to achieve the perfect fit!

Click here for detailed installation instructions.

The Complete Rolls-Royce Headlight Set (pattern lenses) – Part No. R004a
$125.00 per set

Lenses – Part No. R004l
$30.00 per pair

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A beautiful set of Rolls-Royce Seats

Jerry said… “It’s relatively easy when using Model Motorcars’s Resin Seats, Leather and Piping”

Thanks Jerry!

Click here to order a set of our Rolls-Royce seats. And don’t forget to check out our leather upholstery for that great look and feel of real leather on the interior of your Pocher Rolls-Royce replica.

The Rolls-Royce Leaf Springs

A combination of stainless steel leaf springs and cast bronze clamps…that actually work! After the gratifying success of our Alfa Leaf Springs, it was obvious to make them for the Rolls. And, for those who have built a Rolls, you know how awful the Pocher ones are! We have even used compression springs in the rear of our models to hold them up. Well, no more!

Once again, our thanks to Brian Yingling for his drawings that make the photo-etching possible. And, to the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club for providing copies of the original factory plans.

The Kit comes with the main leafs preformed at the ends and 00-90 nuts for the clamps. For those determined to achieve prototypical accuracy…we include shrink tubing which we discovered works wonderfully to replicate the gaiters.

Click here for Instructions.

Part No. R001
$240.00 per kit

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Rolls-Royce Shift and Brake Lever

We had no sooner announced our dandy new Rolls-Royce Shift and Brake Lever set when our pal Jerry Moore sent us the most splendiferous quadrant for a RR brake lever. What to do? What to do? What we did was re-engineered the whole part so that the quadrant could be used. We added some heft to the levers so that they would be easier to manufacture and hold up better to the stress of polishing.

Same separate release rods as before. The result is the best RR levers we can make.

Part No. R019
$95.00 per set

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Brake Levers

More replacements for Pocher stamped metal, these pieces mount on the inside of the front wheels. Our brake levers are prototype-correct as per the original blueprints from Rolls-Royce (see picture). The levers are Cast in bronze and tapped for 00-90 bolts (provided). The photo above shows the comparison of our parts with Pocher…including the MML Axle and Steering Lever…

Part No. R020
$45.00 per pair

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Tail Light Housings for the Rolls

These beautiful castings based on the Lucas prototype are bolted to the Pocher Spare Tire Rack with 00.90 Bolts and Nuts (provided). The lenses are cut-down Pocher plastic lenses (not provided).

Part No. R031
$15.00 per pair

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The Rolls-Royce Steering Arm

Our Steering Arm replicates the prototype…the drawing is from the 1931 Rolls-Royce Parts Catalog, just add a wire for the lubricating line. However, using our new part will require extensive modifications! We will provide photos and instructions…worth the effort…Do you recognize the Pocher part?

Click here for Instructions.

Part No. R030
$10.00 each

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Rolls-Royce Steering Levers

Replace those awful stamped metal Steering Levers…Ours are cast in bronze and ready for painting (seems Rolls-Royce painted everything on the chassis black!). Easy installation using the existing holes and bolts…although we recommend using 0-80’s…

Part No. R007
$30.00 for both

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New Improved Rolls-Royce Resin Carburetor

Our famous Resin Carburetor now comes in 6 parts…more fun for the modeler! Assembles in minutes with a little Bondini (super glue).

By separating the elements, a better casting was achieved. Same original price.

Part No. R006r
$35.00 for 6 piece kit

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Rolls-Royce Bonnet Latches

Finally a hood latch for the Rolls-Royce that is in scale and looks like the prototype. These dandy bronze castings are a direct replacement for the thumbscrews in the kit, and require only a slight enlarging of the hole in the hood and flattening of the area around the hole.

The base of the latch covers the hole and the area to be flattened, so these latches could be used on an unpainted model. Bright nickel plating to match the Pocher hardware.

Part No. R026
$55.00 per set of four

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Rolls-Royce Oil Can

A brass oil can is just the thing to brighten up the lower regions of your Rolls-Royce engine compartment. High-polished brass, the Model Motorcars, LLC. Oil Can has all the charm of the 1:1 Lucas version which was on RR PII’s built at Derby. Oil drips not included.

Part No. R011
$20.00 each

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