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The World Wide Web has forever changed the way we build Pochers. And these web sites - Our Favorites - are the sites that we recommend every Pocher builder bookmark and visit often. These sites contain everything from reference photos and technical specifications to replacement parts that you can use to enhance your Pochering experience. And if you know of any sites that should be included here among our favorites, please let us know.


Even though, this site is for resale’s…the photos are priceless!

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Brady Ward's Scale Auto Works

Brady's site includes a message board where you can connect with model builders all over the world. Whether its a question about assembling your Pocher or locating a missing part, Brady's board is the place to go to connect with the modelling community. Brady also sells the ultimate Alfa Romeo Reference Book - The Incredible 2.3 by Simon Moore.

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Supplemental Pocher Instruction CD's by Paul Koo

Paul Koo has created CD-based supplemental instructions for the Pocher classics. Each CD/DVD contains hundreds upon hundreds of photographs detailing Pocher construction as well as pictures of the 1:1 scale prototypes.

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David Cox - Detailed Model Cars

David was one of the original founders of Model Motorcars, Ltd and after 15 years went on to start Detailed Model Cars. At DMC, David conentrates on building 1:8 scale extreme motor cars. Each of these custom one- off models is based on one of the Pocher classics and incorporates parts from the Model Motorcars Store. David's models are featured in numerous books and CD's available at his site.

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The Internet Crafsman Museum

Hosted by the Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship, this site features scratch-built projects in metal and wood fabricated by the best craftsman from around the world. Everything from the 1:15 scale works of Gerald and Phyllis Wingroveto a steam engine that fits on a dime, these photos and videos are a wonderful source of inspiration.

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Ultimate Car Page

With a photo library containing nearly 30,000 pictures, any Pocher builder can find good reference shots of the Alfas, Bugattis, Mercedes and Rolls-Royce that we all know and love. Ultimate Car Page also offers a web-based newsletter, free of charge,that every automotive afficianado will want to receive.

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