About Us

At Model Motorcars, we’re fascinated by the level of detail that went initially into manufacturing Pocher kits, the likes of which will never be seen again, as well as the ever-evolving drive to create unique models closer to the magnificent details of these landmark cars. These factors fueled our initial passion for Pochers, but as our passion grew we realized that parts sometimes fell short of our expectations, and thus we embarked on a mission to create aftermarket parts that capitalize on modern technology and in-depth research to take Pochering to a whole new level.

We have developed a comprehensive catalog of more than 500 parts for all marques – Alfa Romeo, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Lambroghini and Jaguar as well as a vast catalog of specialized tools, useful information, our exclusive World Pocher Museum and much, much more! We are proud to have fueled the passion of more than 5,000 modelers all over the world, and their projects reflect the enduring effect of our accomplishments. We are honored to say that our parts are prominently present in the best Pocher models – as well as many scratchbuilt 1:8 scale models – all over the world. Thanks to all the modelers who use our parts. The inspiration certainly flows back and forth!