Bugatti Parts Announcements

The Bugatti Tire and Wheel

After many months of effort, the Bugatti Tire and Wheel will be ready to ship in a few weeks. We’ve asked Paul Koo to make one of his famous Instructions to assist in making the minor modifications necessary for the fit of our new slimmer Wheel.

The Tire is similar to the other marquees…that is; they are soft and flexible, matte finished and (most importantly) they are prototypically thinner. See contemporary prototype photo below.

The Wheel had to be thinned to accommodate the new Tire. At first, we tried to use the Pocher parts by thinning them…but, the results didn’t satisfy us! So, we had them designed on a CAD system and then “printed” using rapid prototype printing (3D). In the process, we had the air fins properly shaped with a correct sharper edge. The Wheel is now cast in colored resin in one piece…no assembling.

Because the Wheel is thinner, it will be necessary to modify the spindles and hubs. Not difficult…the parts are brass and easily filed. One should also thin the brake shoes. And, yes, the Wheels have the correct air fin direction. Just specify, if you only want one set.

Part No. B022 $80.00 per set
(one tire and one wheel)

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Part No. B022t (single Tire) $45.00 each

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A New Bugatti Headlight!

Ettore Bugatti was the engineering genius behind some of the most successful race cars of the automotive golden era. But it was his son Jean that added the beauty that makes the Bugatti one of the most elegant cars in the world. When Jean joined his father in the family business, he set about to redesign everything from Bugatti exhaust pipes to the front headlights and everything in between.

Well, we here at Model Motorcars don’t have a Jean Bugatti, but we do have a Frank Giordano and like Jean, Frank has done a spectacular job of designing our new Bugatti Headlights. Taking a page out of the Jean Bugatti’s design book, these beautiful new headlights are perfect scale replicas of the iconic “cones” that Jean designed right down to their iconic integrated front collar.

Part No. B001G
$65.00 per pair

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The Complete Bugatti New Headlight Set

Click here for detailed Instructions how to install the Bugatti Headlight Set

Part No. B001Ga.
$125 per set

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Pattern Lenses – Part No.B001l
$30.00 per pair

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Reflectors – Part No. B001Gf
$25.00 per pair

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The Bugatti Headlight Set

We are now offering the Complete Bugatti Headlight Set, using the same technology we utilized in developing the Rolls-Royce chromed Reflectors and glass Lenses.

The Complete Bugatti Headlight Set includes the Bugatti Headlights, Reflectors, pattern Lenses, bulbs, grommets, heat shrink tubing and wire.

Click here for detailed installation instructions for the Bugatti Headlight kit

Part No. B001a

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Reflectors – Part No. B001f
$25 per pair

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Dash Board Ensemble

This wonderful dash was made by Frank Giordano and shows our new parts; The Instrument Cluster, Gate and Levers, Light Housings and Switches. They are all cast in bronze and plated. Requires some modification to the Pocher dash…or, why not build your own out of cherry wood? The Instrument Cluster will require using our Gauge Faces, Lenses and Bezels (B011). The Light Housings are hollow to accommodate the bulb and slotted for the light. Ensemble is sold as a set or as individual parts.

Part No. B006
$65.00 per set

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Gate and Levers

Part No. B029
$30 per set

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Dash Switches

Part No. B028
$17 per set

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Light Housing

Part No. B023
$20 per set

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Instrument Cluster

Part No. B019

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Hood Latches

These are without question our best Hood Latches. Jorge made the originals and they are a perfect match to the prototypes…and, they work! They are cast in bronze and chrome plated. The set comes with 00.90 threaded rod to attach the top to the base and bezels for the hood.

Part No. B032
$40 per pair

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Bumper Ends

One of the many new Bugatti Parts we have developed for both our last model and for the next. The Bumper Ends are properly shaped, direct replacements for the plastic, chrome coated Pocher parts. They are cast in bronze with a matte finish… then nickel plated to match the prototypes which were cast aluminum.

Part No. B027
$35.00 per pair

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Bumper Brackets

A direct replacement for the Pocher plastic brackets. Easy to install with the 0-80 bolts provided. Cast in bronze and chrome plated.

Part No. B034
$45.00 per pair

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Bugatti Running Lights

What respectable owner of a Bugatti Coupe would not like to have proper shaped and sized Running Lights? Once again Model Motorcars brings you another must have part. Cast in bronze and chrome plated, comes with 0-80 bolts. It takes a little bit of work, but it will keep your valet busy!

Part No. B033
$35.00 per pair

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In our continuing quest to replace all the Pocher provided chrome plated plastic parts…here are several new parts. First, the Tail Light Housings…prototypically shaped, hollow to provide space for bulbs, cast in bronze and chrome plated. The red lenses are not provided, but, are easy to make from Pocher red sprue. Next, shown are the Country Code and License Plates.

Cast in bronze and chrome plated (lettering not included).

Tail Light Housings
Part No. B026
$45.00 per pair

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Country Code Plate
Part No. B024A
$25.00 each

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License Plate
Part No. B024
$25.00 each

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Bugatti Gas Cap

Now that we are building a Bugatti model the new parts will be coming! First one is a replacement part for the Pocher supplied gas cap. No fitting is required, plated bronze.

Part No. B018
$30.00 per pair

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Bugatti Radiator Cap

Just the thing to top off your Bugatti radiator—a correct replica of the quick-release radiator cap that adorned the Type 50 radiators. Sculptural and classic, our Bugatti Radiator Cap captures all of the simplicity and elegance of the prototype. A direct replacement for the generic piece in the Pocher kit, our Bugatti Radiator Cap just screws in place

Bronze, nickel plated – Part No. B016
$20.00 each

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Sterling Silver – Part No. B016s
$24.00 each

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Hand Crank

Another new part added to our list is a Hand-Crank for the Bugatti engine. This handsome plated bronze crank handle is a direct replacement for the Pocher plastic piece. Our Hand-Crank allows the Bugatti engine to be turned with a handle befitting its lovely design. Will also work with the Mercedes-Benz.

Part No. B012
$20.00 each

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Exterior and Interior Door Handles

We are offering these beautiful Door Handles…with a caveat! They are NOT for the beginner. They require extensive modifications to the door panels, inside and out. We will gladly help with photos and instructions. And, we believe the effort is worth it. They are cast in bronze and chrome plated.

Exterior Door Handles – Part No. B020
$40.00 per pair

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Interior Door Handles – Part No. B021
$30.00 per pair

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Bugatti Dash Gauges

Just the thing to jazz up the dashboard of your Bugatti. Our new Bugatti Gauges are a direct replacement for the kit-supplied stickers. These faces are centered, clear, accurate replicas of the Jaeger gauges that grace the dashboard of Type 50

Gauge Faces
Part No. B009
$7.50 per set

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Gauges Faces with lenses
Part No. B010
$10.00 per set

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Gauges, Lenses, and Bezels
Part No. B011
$18.00 per set

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Spare Tire Wrench

Throw away the awful Pocher part and use this direct replacement.
Can you tell which is the prototype? Cast in bronze and chrome plated.

Part No. B030
$18.00 each

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Bugatti Chassis Stands

First the Rolls, then the Alfa, and now the Bugatti benefits from our Tom Vitale-designed, Darel Magee-built Bugatti Chassis Stands. These dandy aircraft-aluminum stands are just the thing to keep your Bugatti from rolling around the bench just as you are trying to adjust the cable brakes. No more improvised supports, no more damaged details—now the Bugatti Chassis Stands.

Part No. B017
$60.00 per set

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Fishtails! Get Your Fishtails!

This stylish Fishtail Exhaust Pipe is just the thing to spice up the hind end of the Pocher Rolls-Royce or Bugatti. Our fishtail is a direct replacement for the Pocher version and a great addition to the R-R Torpedo and the Bugatti Type 50.

Part No. R018
$15.00 each

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Want to improve the value and enhance the appearance of your Bugatti?

Model Motorcars is always trying to find ways to helpyou improve your models. Now, we have achieved the ultimate for the Bugatti Radiator…the Art Deco Grill. The Grill is photo-etched in solid nickel.

It’s easy to install and the only difference (other than color) between the Coupe, Surprofile and the very expensive Coupe de Ville!

Part No. B025
$25.00 each

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Vinyl Transfers to Enhance the Beautiful Bugatti Wheels

The photo on the left is of the prototype Bugatti Type 50. The photo on the right is our model of the Suprafile under construction. Our wheel transfers are a dead ringer for the original and are an easy way to add a great level of realism and detail to your Pocher Bugatti build.

These photos show how easy the transfers are to apply. They are NOT decals…no messy water, tearing or bubbles! With fumbling fingers takes about 3 minutes to apply and we include a extra one…just in case. Available in either Black or Red.

Red – Part No. B031r
$10.00 set of six

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Black – Part No. B031b
$10.00 set of six

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The Famous Bugatti Elephant Mascot

Upon completion of his masterpiece The Type 41 Royale, Ettore Bugatti turned to his brother Rembrandt – an accomplished sculpter – to create the radiator ornament. As the Royale was the largest, most expensive automobile in the world, Rembrandt decided that it should be graced with the largest animal in the world and the elephant rearing onto its’ hind legs was created. Fabricated in sterling it appeared white when viewed in the daylight. And as the Royale was so large and so expensive, it was a hard sell to customers of all social strata and never attracted the pocketbook of a single royal thus giving us “The White Elephant” as a description of things that are so over the top that they defy any other description.

Our 1:8 scale Elephant Mascot was sculpted by Jill A. Kenike, a former designer for Tiffany and Co. Because our Elephant Mascot is intended to adorn the radiator of Pocher Bugattis, we asked Ms. Kenike to trim the pachyderm down a bit to match the svelt lines of the zoomy Profileé and Surprofilé Bugattis. Our Prancing Elephant Mascot is balancing on top of our new Bugatti Radiator Cap which features the correct profile and simulated quick-release latch of the prototype. Now the Pocher Bugatti can have both a correct radiator cap and a link with the artistic legend that is Bugatti.

Sterling Silver Bugatti Elephant Mascot – Part No. B015s
$45.00 each