Hardware & Small Parts Announcements

The Must-Have 1:8 Scale Hardware Kit

These are the most common Nuts and Bolts used to enhance your Pocher Kit. There are 20 pieces of each type. If bought separately, the total would be $250.00…Our new Hardware Kit is only $184.00 (including the very nice reusable box!)

Part No. Z084

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Simulated Butterfly Bolts

As we build our commission models, we create additional parts which we offer for sale. These Simulated Butterfly Bolts were used on the windshield of the PI.

Part No.Z082
$12.00 set of six

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Another part from our build…below is a photo of them in use to hold down the beautiful Tire Mirror (which itself will be offered soon!).

These are cast in bronze and can be used for luggage straps, fuel tank tie-downs, bonnet belts, interior door and seat-back pocket latches, spare tire restraints and a host of other uses on any of the Pocher classic marques.

And for those of you building the Pocher Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini, these buckles are perfect for seat belts and racing-style driver harnesses.

Part No. Z083
$6.00 per pair.

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2.0 mm Low Profile Nickel Plated Brass Nuts

Sometimes we forget how good some of our replacement parts are! A perfect example is our 2.0 mm Low Profile Nickel Plated Brass Nuts. They replace the Pocher provided 2.0 mm nuts which are too wide to be prototypical and often have unsightly burrs. Ours are 0.4 mm narrower and are imported from Germany.

Part No. K020n
$11.00 pkg of 20

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Micro Cable

Unbreakable stainless steel nylon-coated wire with seven strands for superior strength. Perfect to replace the Pocher provided cable in the Bugatti and Fiat kits.

Part No. Z081
$5.00 per 30 ft. roll

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Reintroducing an old friend … at a new lower price!
Bronze Clevises

These clevises are designed to work with the stock 2.0 mm brake rods in Pocher Alfa and RR kits. Great improvement for the highly visible Alfa and RR front axles; makes a nice addition to Bugatti shift linkage and the Mercedes hand brake linkage. Finally, no more struggling with over-size and awkward-to-use 2.0 mm slotted screws and the sheet-metal kit-supplied clevises which rarely line up right the first time.

Part No. Z029
$12.00 set of six (00-90 hex-head bolts included)

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Hose Clamps

Every Pocher model can use these prototypical Hose Clamps (Jubliee Clips to the British). Easy to use…photo-etched in stainless steel, thickness of .0025″ (.06 mm). They are sold in sheets of 12. And, because we have a new supplier…we are able to reduce the price!

Part No. Z045
$10.00 set of 12

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2.0 mm Threaded Rod

We have often been asked for additional 2.0 mm Threaded Rod (the size used in all Pocher kits)…now, we can offer it in 12″ lengths (steel).

Part No. Z047
$8.00 per foot

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Ball End Connectors

The secret to the success of our Alfa Distributor Linkage Kit! Useful for many other applications…cast in bronze and nickel plated…with 1.0 mm thread and nuts.

Part No. A033
$7.00 per pair

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Finally, Correct 1930’s Style Ignition Wire

After more than a year of research and development, Model Motorcars has contracted with a wire manufacturer to print the familiar “hash” marks (actually, the prototype was woven cloth). The results are stunning! The wire is the proper scale gauge, and it can be used on all Classic Pochers. Easy to retro-fit on models that are already finished and sitting on your shelf.

Part No. Z038
$5.00 per 3 feet length

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