Andrea Friedrich, Switzerland

Andrea Friedrich's Bugatti Surprofile is yet another example of how remarkably distinctive the Pocher kits can be. Taking the rare Bugatti fast-back version of the Pocher Bugatti Type 50, Friedrich has added a distinctive and inventive interior that features meticulous seats, a handsome wood dashboard, and even a headliner to capture the elegance of the prototype.
The wonderful chassis details-working cable-activated brakes, quarter-elliptical rear springs, working steering-and the remarkable rendering of the famous five-liter, straight-eight engine with working double-overhead camshafts complete with working intake and exhaust springs assure that this model will captivate anyone lucky enough to see it in person.
Finished in gold and primrose, the already striking body style is sure to generate excitement wherever it is shown, and will brighten any room. Clearly many hours have been well spent creating a family heirloom and a testament to the great Bugatti design.