Carlos Duarte Duran's

Alfa-Romeo 8c 2300 Corsa

Photography and scale models are natural companions, and we here at Model Motorcars have done our best to convince Pocher builders that a camera is among their most important tools. The joy that we derive from getting a convincing photo of a model is addictive, and the joy seems to be increased proportionately to the scale of the model—bigger model, greater joy. Of course this is nonsense—just ask HO model railroader folk—but the bigger model/greater joy theory seems to have made us push-overs for a good photo of a Pocher.

Whether Carlos Duarte Duran of Spain agrees with us or not, what is undeniable is that he has capitalized on the wonderful effects of Pocher photographs. And whether or not his photos were used to aid construction, it is also undeniable that his photos add to our enjoyment of his wonderful Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 Corsa. Notice the effect of the cars color and how it makes the model nearly indistinguishable from its full-size cousin. Notice how a camera lens can effortlessly focus the viewer on just the right details. And notice how the monochromatic images can transport the viewer to a time when the drivers were fat and the tires were skinny.

Photos of the model’s details or portraits of the model outdoors, the camera has the power to transform a scale model from a static display to what appears to be the ‘real thing’. We were once told by a professional studio photographer that a scale model car was among the most difficult subjects a photographer can face—small, shiny, reflective, detailed, and fraught with shadows. Add to that toxic mix the fact that a scale model is less than a meter long and represents an object that is several meters long. Getting a convincing photo is a delicate balance between light, focus, and viewing angle. Not an easy task, but Sr. Duran has made it look effortless. The proof is that when looking at the images, it is easy to forget the effort that went into the model’s construction. A photograph can capture the magic.