Chris Hoddinott's

Bugatti 50T

It has long been our contention that the Pocher Bugatti kit is among the greatest kits ever released, and the efforts of Chris Hoddinott (UK) support our claim. All too often kits require so much in the way of re-engineering just to be assembled that there is little time or enthusiasm left to add details. The Pocher Bugatti, however, is an impressive model when built exactly as the Pocher folk intended, and any extra efforts are enough to result in a very handsome model. Hoddinott has proven that with the aid of some research and with the application of effort, the result can be stunning.

Wherever you look on this model there are modifications and improvements. Some, like the exquisite lower radiator valence or the louvered engine panels (this writer nearly swooned upon seeing them) may be beyond the skill sets of most builders, but the careful finishes and the detailed (flanges and welds) exhaust system should be an inspiration to all of us. For sheer Wow-factor the instruments with separate needles and beautiful lenses should keep the Ooooo's and Ahhhhh's coming, but subtleties like the textured firewall and the speedometer drive should give all of us the encouragement to add details to our models. For the ultimate in inspiration consider the tiny Bosch labels on each of the horns-no special skills nor high-priced machinery, just attention to details.

This collection of photos proves an additional point which has been a theme here at Model Motorcars for over thirty years: Taking the time to treat each sub-assembly as a stand-alone model can have marvelous results, and taking the time to carefully photograph each subassembly can be among the best investments we can make.