Igor Gianolio's

Type 50 Profile

We have often opined that the Pocher Type 50 kits are among the world’s best, offering accuracy, precision fit, and a set of challenges that invite builders of all levels to find challenges and rewards. Without the traditional traps and snares of some of Pocher’s earlier kits, the Pocher Bugattis leave most builders with enough energy to try something creative. It is not rare for us to see Bugattis with special leather or wood work, and the body’s are a haven for builders trying their hands at two-tone paint jobs. Rarer are those builders who decide to take on the challenge of the aluminum finishes on the engine. Rarer still are those builders who solve the challenge by milling the entire engine from aluminum! Bravo! Not only is Mr. Gianolio’s Bugatti a delight for Bugatti fans, but it serves as an inspiration for the miniature machinists among us. Since our focus is on the Pocher side of things, we won’t ask, “Does the engine run?” Instead we will take delight in the beautiful workmanship and handsome color palette. Bravissimo.