Instructions for Assembling the Rolls Royce Wheels

by Dave DeBack

  1. Trim whatever flash is on the resin pieces and wash in soap and water. I’ve found resin can be tricky to get paint to stick sometimes.
  2. Drill holes in drill handles and flue drill bits into handles (#54 & #76). Make sure hole is deep enough that drill and handle fit inside rim.
  3. I drilled all the nipple holes first (#54) to a depth of approximately 2mm. Deep enough for the bottom end of the Pocher nipple to seat into the rim.
  4. Then drill an additional 2mm deeper with the #76 bit (two are provided in case one breaks). I used the #54 bit for the valve stem hole.
  5. I glued the nipples in first and then inserted the spoke end into the nipple. I then glued the center hub end into it’s slot in the spoke separator.
  6. I used Paul Koo’s DVD as a reference to help figure out what goes where. For the first row of spokes (#72053) I did two at a time and worked my way around the rim.
  7. I had to trim about 1/6” off both ends of the second row of spokes (#70254) and glued the nipple in first.
  8. For the second row of spokes I glued every other spoke in first and then glued in the opposite spokes.
  9. The last row of spokes I glued in all the spokes going one way and then the opposite ones. That way I ended up with the spokes that crossing one on another all the same. Be sure to have the spokes on either side of the air valve away from each other.
  10. Once done I use a fine beading wire to put a small drop of CA into the nipples which glue the spokes to the nipples and the nipples to the rim.