Joachim Schultz's

Alfa Monza

Our November Model of the Month was a dandy Alfa Romeo 8c2300 Coupe-Spider built by Germany’s Joachim Schultz, and we wrote some flattering comments. This month we have received some more photos, this time of a pair of Alfa Romeo Monza’s, and we are happy to report that the Coupe-Spider was not a fluke. The Monzas join the coupe to make a trio of handsome models that would be a credit to any collection of models in any scale.

The pair of Monzas are particularly interesting in that they provide a study in subtle variations. One car sports bobbed fenders from a spider which are a surprising compliment to the boat- tail Corsa body, and both cars have side-mounted spare wheel. The open-wheeled Corsa version looks as if it has been lifted straight out of a historic Monaco race, and both cars capture the look of well-kept racers. Small details are everywhere, and viewers can be forgiven if they forget they are examining models and not the full-size cars. From the straps retaining the spare wheels (different colors for each car) to the vents on the fuel fillers and the two versions of step plates, these models make a handsome and compelling pair. The Pocher Alfas may have been a challenge to build, but there is no sign of struggle in these two. They look as if you could climb in and drive them away.

For those of us lucky enough to have seen these impressive models, there remains the challenge of learning from them. As usual, the lessons remain the same: careful, patient work, the right tools, and meticulous observation. And a few after-market pieces help, too.