Jon Evans's

Alfa Romeo Monza

The great thing about Model Motorcars is the fact that we get to meet such dandy people and to see what they are getting up to. This month we have the pleasure of revealing an Alfa 8c 2300 Monza which can serve as inspiration to us all, and Jon Evans has told his own story with his thorough photographic record.

Most of us are well aware of the Pocher Alfa Romeo in its grand prix form, and many of us have

tried our hand building one version or another. After thirty years, the kits have managed to build up quite a reputation, so there is no reason rehash the challenges and shortcomings. Instead, we are pleased and delighted to introduce the following photographs into the record as proof that at least one of these Pocher Alfa kits has been the launch pad for a positively wonderful result.

It should be noted that part of the success of this model is the photographic presentation. Just the idea of using monochromatic images should be cause for celebration, and should inspire us all to give it a try. Details like an aluminum shifter gate, the floor and pedals, and the firewall mounts which would be informative in color are positively magical in black and white. Of course, discerning some fine details are enhanced by color, but few color photos can so successfully evoke a period photograph. Combine that with a scale back drop (whose great idea was that?) and the result is sure to be a success.

Whether or not there is a prototype for the sky blue (Ford Bermuda Blue, we are told) paint, it is clear that the paint works beautifully in either color or in black and white, where it appears white, as if by a conjuring trick. Very clever, whether intentional or accidental. The images of the rear of the instrument panel are memorable and impressive, and the idea of hiding data behind the seat back support borders on the obsessive, which, of course, is fine with us.

As remarkable as this Alfa is, we at Model Motorcars want to stress that the great lesson here is that taking pictures of our models is a vibrant and inspiring component of our hobby, not least because it is through images that we can share our passion for miniature cars. Digital images can transform a completed model from a completion to a beginning, from a personal accomplishment to a compelling invitation. A good thing, to be sure, but even better, digital images can transform our models into what we had dreamt in the first place.