Ken Foran's

Tommy Ivo's 32 cylinder Roaring Showboat

From the Builder...
The basic engine blocks and tires are cast resin, highly modified and the wheels are from Dancing Bear Components otherwise all else scratch built. I also did the chrome plating and artwork for the decals.

You know I like to do unique builds, and I found and struck a deal for four 1960 Buick Nailhead engines and this was one of my favorite cars when I was a kid. This is Tommy Ivo's Showboat which when introduced in 1961 became the first exhibition drag car. I was able to hook up with the original builder and able to buy three CD's of pictures from the build. You know reference material is key to building. The build was off and on over a year with probably 9 months of actual build time. The body is .010"brass with some aluminum components as well. Bruce the original builder forwarded pictures to Tommy Ivo who sent me an awesome email about how much he enjoyed seeing it. Just FYI Tommy Ivo was "Tommy" in the Mickey Mouse Club, movie star and drag racer legend. Also is a picture of the Hot Rod magazine cover when introduced.