Markus Berger, Austria

That such a model comes from Austria is not a surprise. For all sorts of historic reasons, the Austrians have more than their share of master-craftsmen, and when it comes to miniaturization, they have an embarrassment of riches. Among these magicians with metal is Markus Berger, the creator of this month's subject model. Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is nothing of a Pocher involved, though it is possible that having a Pocher for reference may have made the job a bit easier. Anyhow, the workmanship and thoroughness is something we all can admire and aspire to. Just think of the agony of covering all of this lovely brass with paint. It would be wonderful to suggest that if one were to build enough Pochers, one will eventually arrive at this level of competence. Alas, such progress is but a dream: Few of the skills of one transfer to the skills necessary for the other.