Olliver Collin's

Alfa Romeo Coupe Spyder

We have often said that anyone who manage to assemble a Pocher kit deserves special praise, and we are never more correct in this view than when speaking of the various forms of the Pocher Alfa Romeo. Lordy, Lordy, what a cantankerous kit those Pocher Alfas can be. When we see a completed model like Oliver Collins’ Coupe-Spyder, our first thought is to speculate on the struggles that the model represents. We immediately search for signs of despair and evidence of tear stains. We are tempted to have a moment of silent tribute.

The prototype for the Pocher kit is chassis #2211053, which was last seen in the mid-nineties sporting a white and black color scheme like the Pocher kit. Only a handful of these sporty coupes were built, and #2211053 appears to have been the last survivor. Soon after being photographed, the coupe-spyder body was removed to allow the erection of a spyder body on its chassis. When a prototype versions of the car no longer exists, it can be argued that the model builder’s options are untethered by comparisons with ‘the real thing.’ Photos of several earlier cars are inconclusive in terms of colors, so Collins’ choice of yellow and black can be judged solely on aesthetics. If yellow works on Ferraris, it can be sporty enough to work on an early Alfa.

The rest of the details of the car are clearly based on the guidelines set down by our Pocher friends. Wiring, plumbing and interior details of the model take the direction of the instruction booklet, and reflect a careful builder following the lead of the manufacturer. The result is a model that is bristling with details, and rich with instructive doohickies. One of the great virtues of scale models is their ability to illustrate the inner workings of vintage machines, and Pocher classics can excel at this noble calling so long as the builder is a careful observer and patient builder. Collins qualifies on both counts. We can only hope that any scars he received from the project have had time to heal. In the meantime, the rest of us can enjoy his unique interpretation of a rare and mysterious prototype.